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If the ctenophores evolved first, that would mean the sponges gave those things up. Many disagree.

Joseph Ryan of the University of Florida, who thinks ctenophores came first, argued that evolutionary trees based on even the most careful morphological studies are often less rigorous and objective than ones based on genetic data, and that the scenarios that seem impossible to Dr. Nielsen are as feasible as those presented in his study.

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Ryan said, adding that loss of traits is common in evolution. Nielsen replied that phylogenetic studies also involve subjective choice, and that the loss of a useful trait goes against natural selection.

As the battle rages, deeper issues rise to the surface. When and how many times did it evolve? Log In.

This is different from sharks and penguins, which Reynolds said can survive by eating the occasional fish. Fast simulated annealing, on the other hand, takes the forager to the best possible meal," Reynolds said.

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This high level of discernment is also what draws certain mathematicians and engineers to the strategy of fast simulated annealing for supercomputing , Reynolds said. Based on mathematical and computer models, Reynolds' study found that like barrel jellyfish, mathematicians tend to implement this strategy only when they're looking for the best possible solution to a problem, not a variety of potential solutions. Follow Live Science livescience. Original article on Live Science. Live Science.

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They usually have a Thunderbug or 2 skulking around them. And quite often I find them on the first level of the Labyrinth, which is forest based. More topics from this board Am I missing something with Qurupeco?

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User Info: IvoEska IvoEska 1 year ago 1 I've been looking for months now where to get this and keep quitting the game over it. Any high rank dens where Great thunderbugs are found?

User Info: Placid01 Placid01 1 year ago 2 Great thunderbugs? User Info: Gamernut35 Gamernut35 1 year ago 4 Both Great Thunderbugs and Zinogres can be found in the deep parts of the rainforest, the area that is the base of the giant tree that you went to get the white dragon egg.