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Do you have approximate head circumference sizes that each of these sizes would fit? Thanks for the pattern and the tips. I was just noticing today that my seams were showing, now I know what to do about it. U r the BEST! Thank you again. I anxiously look at your new patterns and hav never been disappointed. Have a one year old granddaughter who will probably be sporting one of these this winter! I'm soooo excited! I just found the newborn pattern yesterday and already have it made. I was just getting ready to figure out a bigger size on my own so I'm glad you posted this now seeing how i really have no idea how to!

Thank you! Thank you!! I can't believe you're sharing this pattern for free! How awesome are you?! I love to crochet but can only make rectangle-shaped things. It's just way too cute! I have had your site tacked to my favorites bar for a week. Your bigger pattern came just in time! I was going to start this a few days ago and I waited because I dreaded figuring out how to make the hat bigger.

Just a little helpful advice. If you don't add the extra HDC decrease at the end you will have a "lopsided" edge and be a stitch short on the next row. I hope this helps. Thanks so much for catching that Ashley!! But all is update now! Love these owl hats! I just found your blog and made a newborn sized hat the other day. Thanks for sharing the tips in the beginning… while I'm not new to crocheting anymore when I was those would have been very helpful! Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to try out the new larger sizes. Its such a hootastic hat!

Hi Sarah I would like to thank you for sharing the Owl hat pattern. I have this week off and plan to make some of the things that I have pinned. So I started the hat around this moring and completed at It was the adult size ,turned out great. Thank You once again. You are so talented! I know quilting, but only a little crocheting. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I love your blog. Your projects are too cute! Wow, thank you so much for sharing!! I can't wait to try this pattern.

I was also thinking of making it a solid color for my grandson, and turning it into a monster. Thank you again! I love these and would love to wear one with my 4 yr old- we both adore owls! Newest Follower: Hugs, Jen frazzled5. What size did you make for your 4 year old?

Maybe the child size? Should it be 14 rows total or just 13? Hello Sarah! I liked your owls so much! Thank you for the pattern as well as thanks for your way of round joining! It's helpful for me! I've pinned on Pinterest your owls if you don't mind… Have a great week! Thank you so much for the update!!! Can't wait to make these for my granddaughter! I was doing the Large Adult hat and round 9 it says it ends with 66 stitches….. I kept getting 63 with one space left. Oh no! Thank you so much for catching that. It is supposed to say 9 DC not 19 DC.

I just updated it in the pattern! Is that a typo also? Hi I was wondering if you could tell me the gauge for the hats. I made one in the newborn size and its too small barely fits my little girls doll! I used size 5mm. I am having the same problem. I am making the preschool hat and it probably would only fit a newborn. Same thing here. I tried 3 different size hooks now and still the result is too small. I just made a months and it measured 25cm, a new born head is average cm, isn't it?

Somebody else e-mailed me with the same problem and it turned out they were making single crochets instead of double crochets. Is everyone sure they are using the Double Crochet stitch for the hat? This is the American English double crochet stitch, not the British English double crochet.

Please let me know if this is the case! Could you let us know the circumference of yours? I am doing the US DC too… and it is not working…. I am using Worsted Weight yarn 4 But don't feel very bad! It is good that you put the pattern out there without charging a thing! I really appreciate it. Maybe I can figure it out by seeing the stitches. Sure, I'll do it tonight. And I'll explain you the rows that I added on. Maybe I am doing something wrong, I don't know! I am using the standard US DC yo go through stitch yo, pass 2 loops, yo, pass 2 loops. I had the same problem.

My grandgirl is 15 months old and petite. The hat will barely fit on her head and is very tight. I thought maybe I did something wrong. But I followed the pattern perfectly. I used a combination of worsted weight and baby weight. Used a size H hook. Any Ideas? Maybe add a few stitches to each row? Instead of ending with 54 stitches end with 60? I also used the standard double crochet stitch. The hat was also really short. I was surprised to look at the other sizes and see that they are very similar at the beginning of the pattern.

I thought that the adult size would start with more stitches at the beginning. I appreciate any help you can give. Read the pattern carefully. There is a Round — make sure that you repeat all 5 rounds in this step. I love this hat and love the pictures but I am having the same issues. Way too small. I made the preschool toddler one for my 2 year old granddaughter and it did not fit.

Very cute but way too small. I am going to try the adult size now to see if that will fit her. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Using double crochet and H hook and red heart medium worsted weight yarn. What am I doing wrong? I want to make a real adult one and don't know how to adjust the pattern. Are you using 5mm hook or number 5 hook? Ive used a 5mm hook and all seems fine size wise with the pattern x. I had the same problem with my adult hat, it seemed to be about newborn size and short…and I also used DC…but thank you for the free pattern!

I just found your blog thanks to a friend of mine. She saw the pictures of your owl hats and decided I just had to make it for her new grand daughter. So of course I had to comply. I love your hat and I featured it on my blog. Come on by sometime. I hope you enjoy it. So I made one of these last night in gray and green… attached the eyes and realized, hey, if I leave off the beak and only do one "ear" in the middle, it's totally a robot!

I also used green and blue and only one eye to make a monster! I'm having way too much fun…. Thanks Britt. I never would of thought of this and I'm delighted as my boys theme is robots. Will go check out your blog! Thanks for sharing. This is the cutest owl hat pattern I've seen. I have just made three of them and am now very popular! This is probably a stupid question, but for the rounds that say something like: "Round 7: DC around 54 DC ," "Round DC around 62 DC ," are you supposed to join and chain 2, or do you just continue going around somehow without doing that?

This is my first time working in the round other than granny squares, which I guess doesn't really count. Thanks very much! I really appreciate your hard work and that you shared all this free of charge, and that you keep answering questions and helping people out—you're the best! Thanks for asking this, I was wondering the same thing. Pattern doesn't seem complete without that instruction! HI i love your pattern thank so much for sharing has any one had this problem i made the toddler preschool size and then made a month one and my month one ended up bigger im wondering if theres an error on the month when it says.

Hmmm, well if you changed the 8 to 4 then you would actually be adding more stitches in, making the hat even bigger…so I'm not sure what is going on. I also counted my stitches and the month has a 50 stitch count around where as the toddler hat has 54 stitches around so more stitches makes a bigger hat. Did you use different kinds of yarn in each hat?

Sometimes that can cause hats to be slightly bigger or smaller. Feel free to e-mail a photo of your hats and maybe I can get a better idea of the problem! Love this pattern! Making a Newborn hat as a photo prop for a photography friend. I'll have to share when she uses it. I really like the hint of extra thickness to it as a worsted weight yarn.

But the Supplies section on all of these Owl Hat Patterns have no mention of the yarn for the nose. I'm assuming I could just use any yellow piece of scrap yarn in medium worsted weight, but I would still like to know what you used? I also used Vanna's Choice yarn for the nose! I think the color is called Mustard. Hope this helps! Thank you.

I figured it was mustard. I used a yellow that I had in my stash. I just tagged you with a photo of my finished product on my Facebook business page. I left out one row of Barley and inserted an additional contrast color row on my newborn hat for a photo prop. I just wanted you to know that I just made this, with a few alterations because i used homespun yarn , in maybe 6 hours today for my daughter's friend's birthday.

I started it 7 hours ago, and in that time not only did I get it done to drop off before the party is over looonnngg party , but I also cooked and ate my breakfast, watch several hours of Coronation Street while doing it, and taught my daughter how to shave her legs! I have made these in differant sizes and they all are too small for the size they are suppose to fit.

Just wanted people to know. I felt bad to have to tell the little girl I would have to re make it larger. Glad you like the pattern! That is funny you said they were all too small because I just had someone e-mail me telling me they are too big! I will be sure to post gauge this week. Glad you were able to figure out what size you needed to go with. Im new to hat making and im trying to make this for my daughter…im just wondering about the ear flaps, how do you connect the second ear flap?

Sorry if this is a dumb questiong :S. Yes you just pull a loop through the stitch you want to start in and crochet as normal. Love, love, love this pattern…my only problem is that I made the adult large, and it barely fits my 4 year old! I used H hook, worsted weight yarn, and was using dc not sc. Can't figure out why it's coming out so small! Does anybody have any suggestions? Hi Carrie, 3 others have had the same problem and it wasn't until after they sent me pictures that I was able to confirm they weren't using the DC stitch. If this isn't the problem then maybe I can detect what else may be going on!

Thanks so much! I will try to send you a picture in a bit. I'm definitely using DC stitches. Thanks so much for responding! Please share if you figure out the issue…my child size will barely fit a doll. I followed pattern to a T, used the same yarn and H hook. So disappointed, the hat is absolutely adorable. I just sent you a photo of mine. I am having the same issue. Almost complete with the hat for my grand girl and it it so tight on her head she won't be able to wear it. Would love any help you can give! Hi again! You really hit a home run on this pattern, didn't you?

I featured it on my fall crochet roundup! I made it in the Child size and found that it wasn't quite big enough for my 3 year old. But I think she has a bigger head and I think I just like longer hats probably. She has about a 20 inch head. I keep making her "try it on". I'll let you know how it works out! I'm also using the I Hook this time to see what happens. I kinda like it so far! I think this is the one I will use for lots of other hats I may do. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your patterns.

I have been looking for a good owl hat for about a year now and this is the best by far! Wondering if anyone has figured out the problem of why these are coming out so small. I've made two with H hook, Vanna's Choice yarn, followed pattern to the letter and they were too small to fit anything. I really want one in my size but I just can't figure out how to make it bigger.

I'm pretty sure this is the standard American english DC. Hmmm, I am beginning to think I might just crochet loosely? Stay tuned everyone, I will try to get a video tutorial made this week! I've found that everybody crochets just a little bit differently, so wide variations in gauge are not necessarily the fault of the crocheter or the designer. At the same time, this makes it even more helpful to have a stated gauge for a pattern. It also helps to give measurements for each size. If you have one of these hats handy, I would just grab a ruler and measure 4" across and count how many dc you have.

That would give us something to compare our stuff to, and we'd right away be able to tell whether we crochet tighter or looser than you do, if we need to go up or down a hook size or 2, or 3! Gauge has now been posted with pictures. I found your blog when a lady asked me to make an owl hat for her baby girl.

The picture she sent me was of one of your hats! You're beyond generous to provide these for free, and to allow selling of finished objects. You rock! Thank you so much for sharing this cute pattern! My niece, who is expecting her first baby, loves owls so I'm making one for her baby shower this Sunday. I just checked back as I hadn't printed off one of the photos and found out you now have other sizes.

I may now have to make her a matching hat! Finished this in the newborn size last night…SO cute! My favorite part of the pattern, though, was learning your round joining technique. I've always had awful, ugly seams and this eliminated them completely! This is my very first time reading a pattern, and actually learned the stitches through YouTube. But i am wondering why does the edge of your hats look so even, especially on the ear flaps.

Mine dont look like a chain stitch all around. What am I doing wrong?? Please help me!! Hi Mayela, did you single crochet around the entire hat after making the earflaps? That will give the edges of the earflaps and hat a clean look. Do you have a size estimate for the circumference or diameter of the large adult hat? I'm making a different type of hat for a friend but using your large adult pattern. He's given me his head circumference but I'd just like to be sure that your size would be big enough.

I love that you have the different sizes! I couldn't ever figure out how to get them just right. Thank you sooo much for sharing this pattern! My daughter has wanted one of these but they are just too expensive in stores. I am making this for an 11 year old,used the pattern for the teens and everything was going great. I got through the 14th round and it is way to short. I am on gauge but I am having to add 2 more rounds before the ear flaps.

I wish I would have known it was going to need extra rows. I wouldn't have changed colors when I did. Thank you so much for this pattern! I adore it and have made so many hats in the few weeks since I've found it! I did want to mention that I had trouble with the hats being too short, as well. I've noticed that adding one extra row of DC at the end before starting the earflaps works well.

Anyway, I linked you on my blog and just wanted to stop by and show some love! These are the most simple crochet instructions i've ever read!! My grandma taught me how to do a single stitch a loooong time ago and that is all I've ever known how to do. I'm trying to broaden my crochet skills. I would very much like to feature this Crochet Owl Hat Pattern on my website. The tone is upbeat and friendly. Each pattern I feature includes your photo, a direct link to your site and, of course, is credited to you.

Your actual pattern is not reproduced in any way. If you agree to have your pattern s featured, just send me an email, or reply to this msg here on Ravelry. I hope to hear from you soon! For the eyes it says magic ring ch 2 round 1 10 DC in chain…. If you did mean chain in which one? I've just made this hat for my two year old daughter who's quite big for her age so I used the measurements for a child instead of toddler. It's beautiful and I'm very grateful for the pattern!!! Thank you!!! Just finished my 4th owl hat! I made 2 for my 3yr old and 4month old they were admired so much 2 of my friends asked me to do their babies one!

Hi, thanks so much for the pattern. I have tried over and over again but my "hidden seam" doesn't come out straight like yours I've no idea why but I've tried countless times. I must be doing something wrong but I really can't work out what :. Any help would be appreciated x. Lol she is also on the 'large' end of the growth charts though! I'm going to gift the first one to a friend who is due early December and remake my daughters — I'm going to add in an extra row of brown at the correct stitch count and then add an additional row of pink at the end… I think this will take care of the length issue for me….

Thank you so much for posting this pattern… I will be making many of these as gifts — in all the sizes most likely! I'm starting an owl hat now for my cousins son. I'd love for you to link this pattern up to my link party that's going on right now:. So nice! Thank you very much. This is the first thing I've made for my 8mth old granddaughter. I'm new to hat-making and I have a couple of questions. First, my hat has a bit of a point in the top that I don't see in yours.

Any ideas why? Thank you and I look forward to discovering more of your patterns. These are super cute!! I want to thank you for posting this pattern. I have used it so much!! I use this hat pattern for a lot of different hats. I love to crochet, but I hate coming up with my own patterns!! It takes someone super talented and patient to do this!!

Thank you again!! Sorry but I can't figure out if I should count the chain 2 as my first dc for that round, or not. Please answer as soon as you can 'cause I'm stuck here! BUT I love it and can't wait to get going on it again! Maybe someone else can answer?

No just DC what number it calls for in the pattern. I am so sorry I told you wrong. I should have read the pattern beyond the first line. That explains why the top of my hat is more. Super pattern! Thank you so much. It was really easy to follow. Well short of sewing the eyes and nose on and braiding the tails.. Quick question — I made the smaller ones and am attempting a larger size… what is the purpose of the repeat 54DC row 7 and then increasing after that? Is it possible to simply do the increase row and then repeat?

I think the repeat of row 7 just helps with the natural curving of your head, the middle area where the curving isn't as extreme? Idk if that makes sense or not. Like I said in my above comment, I actually did two row 7s. It just seemed to add the a little more length in an area that didn't end up making it super huge at the bottom. And like you, I used the I hook. Worked better since I crochet tighter, too.

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I'm just wondering if you have any tips for attaching the eyes and nose to the hat? I'm not sure how to sew those on there. Amber, if you leave your tails long enough on these small pieces you can stitch them on very securely. I hated that I couldn't follow patterns because I could never match gauge — then my grandmother sat down with me and we each did a pattern — same yarn same hook — she's never had gauge issues.

We compared and realized how tight I crochet — then I did the same pattern, same yarn, one hook size up — and matched gauge! Not very scientific — but it worked! These patterns are wonderful — I'm on my 4th hat so far and am gifting them all for Christmas presents! Happy Crafting! Thank you so much for the wonderful pattern, and the great photos on where to start and end each round.

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That helps me so much as I struggle to make joined rounds look good! One more question—do you count the ch2 at the beginning of the round as your first stitch? Just made my first one and it turned out so cute. I've had this issue with baby booties in the past, so I've just learned what yarn makes what size with the different brands.

How do you attach the eyes and nose to the hat? Also do the beginning chains count as the first dc? I didn't make them count and as far as I can tell the hat looks alright. I absolutely love your patterns and think you are a star for sharing them for free, thank you thank you thank you. I think I may have figured out the sizing issues that I keep reading people are having, and I too have experienced.

Today I decided to follow the pattern, but ignore the round stitch count which I've paid great attention to before now. My hat seems to be the correct as its 'title' would suggest. I wonder if you just follow the pattern, Sarah and have perhaps counted wrongly when creating the patterns? Hi Victoria, I am not sure what you mean by ignoring the round stitch count? Did you just crochet in a spiral? But I do believe I know why some peoples hats are coming out too small. If you don't use Vanna's Choice choice yarn specifically the barley color which is much thicker than other yarns the pattern won't work as well.

I am also a loose crocheter, so you might want to take that into account. Here is the good news, I used this same pattern for my sock monkey hat pattern, but altered it so that each size will come out bigger than what is written here. Feel free to use the sock monkey earflap hat as a base for the owl hat if you are having issues with the hats coming out too small. Hi there.

I don't know if you answered this or not I did read the comments to try to figure it out, but sometimes I miss things , but I was wondering if the ch 2 in each round of the hats counts as a dc or not? I just wanted to make sure before I get too far into a hat and find out it messed the hat up somehow because I counted it when I shouldn't have. Hi Molly, No do not count your chain 2. Basically the chain 2 acts as a filler between your DC's in each round which helps hide the seam.

Hi, Thank you for the pattern. I have found that I can't reach guage on most patterns out there. I tried your pattern and I'm finding the same problem. It's me not the pattern. I have tried changing hooks and stitches to try to get guage and I just can't. Could you please tell me what the diameter and the height should be on each hat. I want to make hats for my 11 Grandkids for Christmas not much time. And, they all range from 2 weeks to 12 years so, I would need them for each one. Hi Sarah! This pattern is too cute! I saw a link on Pinterest, and I had to come and check it out!!!

Zoh my goodness, I'm glad I did. Thank you so much for such an adorable free pattern! I absolutely love this adorable pattern! And you make it so easy to follow but I seem to have come up with a problem and as a beginner I need your expertise. When you change colors is usually when you stop increasing and just DC all the way around and so going by your pictures the hat stops getting larger and sort of straightens out, which makes sense because the number of stitches stays the same but when making my own hat, I reach that point and it doesn't look like the hat is straightening out at all and so it ends up being to small.

I've counted and recounted the number of stitches in each round to make sure they match the number you say and they all do so I'm wondering if maybe you've ever come up with this problem or what you think I might be doing wrong. It's really bothering me and I very much appreciate your advice! I have a few friends who want me to make an even larger adult size… any suggestions…they want it about 4 more stitches larger. Also LOVE this pattern…absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for the super cute pattern. It was well written, very easy to follow.

Your pictures were helpful also. Trying out the pattern and am a bit puzzled. For all sizes the first earflap is started immediately after ending the last row, without moving away from the back seam. Should I sc over a certain number of dc to get to an 'ear position'? Otherwise the first earflap is in the wrong place.

Halfway thru I started to read the comments and saw all the complaints about the hats being too small, so I switched for the large adult size. The result? The pattern is just right, and FREE!!! Thank you for the free pattern…I love it…I stumbled on it just in time for Christmas!! I love it! I made the child hat and it was so easy! I posted a picture and a link back to your page on my blog!

Row 7. Thank you so much for this adorable pattern! I made an adult size for a friend of mine and it turned out beautifully. I posted a pic of it on Facebook with a link to your page, and another friend said her young son would just love one of those hats. So I'll be making a small one soon.

Thanks again for posting this pattern. I just love it. For some reason, the shape looks very cone-like and not as round as the baby ones. Thank you in advance. I have made several of your newborn hats and they are just darling! I found that I needed to use a "J" hook instead of an "H" … I didn't realize I crocheted so tightly until I started this pattern!

At the end of the increase rows, just before the color change, I realized the hat was definitely not going to fit a grown up. Regardless, this is a fun pattern and I appreciate you offering it for free!! I made 2 so far in the child size…. I decided to try the child size again but went down 1 hook size and used a G hook…. How many DC are in the "magic ring"? This is only my 3rd project and I'm so delighted with the result. I just finished it and I wanted to say how easy I found to follow your instructions. I've looked at many other patterns for this type of hat and yours was the easiest to understand for a beginner like myself.

I love this pattern! I've used it so many times already. I also altered it to make a Minion hat from Despicable Me. I start with yellow, make the last row of grey for the owl into black for the minion and finish with yellow. Then put a row of single crochet around the eyes in grey, embroider a mouth and tie some black hairs at the top. Just thought I'd let you know that you've inspired my creativity! Thank you so much! I love this hat. I'm making hats for all of my nieces and nephews. I used this pattern to make an owl hat and I tweaked it to make a Minion hat.

Thank you soo much for these larger size instructions!! Thanks also for sharing those first few pics of where to start and end. That really helped! Have a Merry Christmas!! Love this pattern. I just finished three for my sister and her daughters for Christmas. I've also noticed this pattern at two different craft fairs recently. It's very generous of you to offer this fantastic pattern for free.

Thanks for bringing so much cuteness into the world! I love this pattern and the hat came out awesome! The only thing I altered was from button eyes to crocheted eyes. But I'm having some trouble. As I was working on a hat, I noticed the seam began to curve to the right. I've followed the pattern as written for the child and double checked the pictures with the instructions and the stitch counts each round, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I don't suppose you'd know why the seam's spiraling? Can someone suggest the best way to sew on the eyes? I am having a hard time making them look right. Thank you so much for a well done, specific pattern. They turned out adorable and my grand daughters love them. I have used other patterns found online and they are often not accurate. I found yours to be great!

Also, your kindness and patience for those with questions is admirable. God Bless! Pattern is amazing! I found that by using a size larger hook, the hat fit my toddler perfect he has a big dome. Also, I didn't have buttons for the eyes, so I just did a round of brown 10 sc on magic ring, and then changed to accent color and followed the pattern — worked great!

Thanks again for posting for FREE!! I made my first one between last night and this morning. I wore it out to the store today and already got compliments. My husband even wants one now.

AllFreeCrochet Celebrates Their 4th Birthday!

He's a silly one. I'm definitely making more for all the newborns and toddlers in my life. I am using a J hook on this pattern. It comes out perfect, exactly to the gauge each time. It took me almost 3 days to figure out the right combo for my yarn, how I crochet and how to get them to fit right! Take the time to measure your work. That is key!!! I just wanted to say that I have found your patterns so easy to follow.

My projects from your blog are awesome!! Thank you so much for this pattern. I've made 3 owls, a green monster with teeth and 2 plain ones. The sizes are spot on although I did add a row15 to the adult hat. You do a great job with detailed instructions and are very creative. Keep up the great ideas. You are an inspiration. I love this pattern, thank you so much! I've made three — one for my niece and one for each of my cousin's daughters.

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Because I'm not too comfortable in my ability to sew buttons on where they'll stay, I made a variation to the eyes:. With black, magic circle, dc 10, change colors, join, ch1. With accent color eye color , 2sc in each dc, change colors, join, ch2. You are indeed a patient CRafter. Bless you for kindly answering all those questions. I am a Grandma of 13 and have crocheted over 50 years.

I find your photos with arrows, and your tips and notes, extremely helpful. Most other patterns I just have to "know" or make up my own steps. When I make a project that's a little "off" our family calls it a "ka-ka". Keep up the creative work. I have made two of these this week. My granddaughter was having an owl theme birthday party and i googled looking for something to make and found your pattern.

I started at 9 pm and was able to finish it in the car the next day. Thank you for the cute but easy to follow pattern! Thank you so much for posting this for free… I make hats for the local Childrens Cancer Hospital and I am going to use this for some to take there….

Hi Sarah, I'm fairly new to crocheting, and my hat turned out really small. I used Vanna's choice yarn, and I also used this site to show me how to do basic stitches. I'm going to take the hat apart and try again to see if I can get it bigger. There is also part of the instructions in making the eyes I find confusing. It says on the instructions to start with color 1 and switch to white, but on your hats you started with what I would consider to be color 2. Is color 1 the same color you use for the ear flaps, or for the very top with the magic ring?

If I'm using the Vanna's Choice, they come out perfect if not I just adjust the pattern! What a great pattern. Everyone loves them! I guess I crochet tight,because your teen to adult did not come out big enough to be for a teen more like a child. I was under the impression you join at the top of the chain and SL, ch 3 or 3, dc in the same stitch as the chain and then continue on with the necessary increases.

I'm confused now. I'm looking forward to making this hat. Thank you so much for the pattern! Very generous of you!!

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  8. Absolutely love this pattern and can't wait to get some yarn and try them. I've been trying to figure out a way to print this but it keeps telling me I have to pay to sign up for something before it will let me print. Anyone else have this problem? What can I do? Thanks for any suggestions! My sister sent this to me about a month ago and I am finally printing it out and going to get the yarn tomorrow.

    We both love to knit and crochet. Your question and answers and pics are very helpful. Trying to teach learn how to crochet and you have made it soooo much easier. Pinning a few of your things now so I can try them out eventually. Thank you very much!

    Please forgive my poor English, I hope you have understood. I want to know how should I decide if I am supposed to dc in the next 8 like you have done or dc in the next 5 or whatever. What rules do I have to follow? I am making a hat in double crochet and I have 62 stitches. I want to make it 63 stitches, how do I do this. Is there a certain round where I have to do the increase.

    What is the sequence for increasing. Thanks so much in advance. Love all the patterns and keep coming back for more! I have begun the magnolia afghan. I have used so many patterns from this site. Too many to count really. I crochet for babies, so all baby items. I am now crocheting adult hats and scarves. This site is my go to place when I need to find a pattern! But I have printed for the future some scarves. Hope to do them soon for christmas gifts.

    I have crocheted: hats, scarfs, gloves and dish cloths. I am looking forward to crocheting other patterns too. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the patterns! I LOVE your site!! The patterns I have crocheted from AllFreeCrochet are many and varied. From infant beanies to afghans to shawls and sweaters, I have always found the best selection of patterns at your site. I anxiously await my email from you everyday with new patterns to consider. Thanks for making me a better crocheter, and Happy Birthday! Does it count if the pattern came from your sister site AllFreeCrochetAfghans?

    Just a beginner and have done a couple of beanies. My goal is to make beanies for cancer patients and the homeless. I have made a lot of dishcloths, many different patterns mostly to give away , a pillow, wrist warmers and slippers. I really appreciate all of the wonderful patterns found here. Happy Birthday and may you have many more! This website has been the source of many crochet moments! She loved it. Then I moved on to make scarves to give away for charity, and now I am looking forward to making a Puppy Dog Lovey for a friend who will soon have a boy. Love it a lot!

    I have made hats, scarves, purses and I have used different squares to make afghans. Using squares or designs from several projects can make a nice afghan if you make sure the squares are approximately the same size. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great patterns. I have made both scarves and cowls from your site.

    Best CROCHET HATS images in | Yarns, Hat crochet, Caps hats

    I started crocheting this year and have found your newsletters and sites very helpful and educational. I crocheted a simple scarf that was put on your site by moogly.

    FREE CROCHET PATTERN, Easy Ribbed Hat, All Sizes 2250yt, & how to make a pom pom

    It turned out beautifully. Thank you. I Love Your Site. TOo Many To Count. I have crocheted many scarf, and hats from your site and also some Christmas stockings and baby blankets. I think your site is great and I look forward to getting the newsletter in my email. I have crocheted 2 of the ripple afghans, love the selection of patterns available. Happy Birthday AllFreeCrochet!! I crocheted chemo caps using patterns from your site. I turned most of the coworkers from the Women of the Moose on to your site and they helped me with this tremendous response.

    We are now working on caps for next years convention. I have alreadry knitted and crochet 43 more. I have just started receiving All Free Crochet. There are so many patterns that I would love to do and I have not been able to pick one yet, but my list is getting smaller. Granddaughters want afghans so I will have to start really soon. I crocheted a Hello Kitty hat for my granddaughter and then altered. I have downloaded many patterns to my computer for future use. Great site!! I have made 2 Abigail Baby Girl cardigans for my great-granddaughter. I have used several patterns, beanies, afghans, scarves, cowls and lot more.

    When I need a pattern I always check your site and never fail to find what I am looking for. Happy 4th Birthday!! I love the free crochet patterns! Also hat patterns and an afghan pattern. Thank you so much for the wonderful patterns and ideas! I love the Allfreecrochet websites and patterns.

    I have given away many afghans to friends and relatives. I have done some leg warmers and they turned out awesome. Sexy yet kept my legs warm. I started to crochet in January of this year. This is the first e-mail I open everyday. Just love your site. I have crocheted, baby hats, booties, afghans and scarves. I would love to crochet with beads and have browsed for patterns. So blessed to have this website.

    I have not crocheted anything from your site YET, I have several patterns saved to do in the future though. I have made all kinds of things from here. Baby blankets, hats, headbands, and so much more. I am appreciative of all the free patterns. Happy fourth birthday. I just love your site. It always has great patterns that are inspiring.

    My favorite was the crocodile hat. I made a shawl for my little girl using that stitch. I used a multi colored blue yarn. She just loved it an wears it to school on chilly days. I have also made slippers an mittens for my children. I am currently waiting for my yarn to be delivered to start the Mosaic afghan. Thank you so much for providing all these free patterns. I am gonna get your newsletter and I cant wait till I can make something. I have made up some of my own patterns that are very simple because I am new to following instructions I look for easy patterns.

    I cant wait to start working on some neat stuff for the holidays. At least half of my recent projects have come from the site. Baby blankets, scarves, dishcloths, amigurumi sp? You have given me a lot of great ideas for gifts! Everyone in our Massachusetts family makes a homemade ornament to exchange in the Yankee swap. Everyone who sees it wants me to make one for them! I have made several items beanies, baby blankets, scarves, infinity cowls from patterns on your website! I love to just cruise and view different patterns and try new ones!

    Your website allows my inner creativity to blossom! Thank you and Happy Birthday! I have set many times with my mother choosing patterns from your website for her to crochet. She comes to visit me and this is our time together finding beautiful patterns for her to do. I have made a number of things from your patterns. I love them. I have made over pairs of booties and mitts with matching hat for the newborns at the local hospital using patterns from your website.

    I also slip in special afghans and holiday hats using your patterns. Thanks for your great ideas and have a happy 4th birthday and many more. I want to make some baby things…but there are no babies around…. So I figure why wait until to start…. The Baby Lamb: The first day I lucked onto your site I was looking for a crochet pattern for a stuffed lamb.

    I found just what I was looking for in a pattern for a mobile consisting of three baby lambs. My 30 year old soon had just lost his job and was trying to find a new one. When he was 4 I crocheted him a baby lamb for his first day of nursery school. He still has it. But with all of your tutorials I taught myself all over again just to make him a new lamb.

    I have done some of the patterns on your site and enjoy the easy to follow instruction. I am getting ready to find a special baby blanket pattern for our first great grand child who will be arriving in about 6 months. I definitely will over the upcoming winter months!!! Happy Birthday to Stitch and Unwind……and to me, too! Winning this prize would be a wonderful birthday gift! I have made a few items from your site since I discovered it about a year ago. The first one was for a snowflake.

    I am going through several patterns for Christmas gifts and decorations this year and expect to continue doing so for several years to come. Have made many of your novelty hat patterns and many scarves and baby sweaters! I love your patterns. I made the duck bib,bunny wash cloths for babies and many afgans. Thank you for such great patterns. Most of my crochet has been joint projects with knitting. And then, another project gets added to my list! Keep up the great work! How about adding some more advanced, difficult projects? I love a quick and easy piece to work on, but I also enjoy the challenge of something I really have to concentrate on.

    A prayer shawl for my chronically sick sister. Looking forward to crocheting more of your patterns this Fall and Winter!! I have made the ripple baby afghan, never ending granny square afghan, several hats, booties and look forward to making bah accessories for my great niece for christmas. Aldo will be checking for a leg warmer teen pattern that has button down the side with lace trin. I have many actually. I made an afghan that was a 12 point star, I made a Christening blanket and I am mid way on a new blanket. I have also made a good number of hats for charity.

    Every email I recieve from u I get excited I go in and pull up each and every link to see if I will add it to my libraryof favorites. Then when its time to pick my next project its a breeze: Thank you for this awesome service and Happy Birthday!!!!! I love your free patterns. Last year I crocheted the corkscrew type scarf forget the real name for all my friends and sisters-in-laws and Mother-in-law.

    They were fairly quick and everyone seemed to love them. I made it for a co-worker who was moving out-of-state and she loved it! Not yet, but I have a lot of your free patterns printed out on my To Do list. Thank you for the chance to win and Happy Birthday! Love your site, nice variety of patterns.

    I have crocheted fingerless gloves, hats, scarves, and afghans. I have also downloaded other patterns for which one day I will get to. I have crocheted many hats from your patterns, also scarves and Have down loaded several afghans on my to do list. Thanks for a chance to win. I have just recently found your site. I have crocheted both the small cupcakes and the large cupcake that I remember off the top of my head. I have used your site for free patterns since I first came across it and have downloaded and made many patterns.

    Would love to win this prize so I could make the beautiful multicolored scrapghan. To be honest no I have not crochet anything from your site as I discovered your site today! Looks awesome!!! Thanks Margie B. No I have not at this time but I have downloaded some patterns to try and make for my kids and grandkids. I am new to your site but have made several styles of scarves for Christmas presents so far. I love the site and appreciate the many different pattern ideas.

    Look forward to every newsletter. I have made numerous patterns from your site. Thanks so much! Love, love, love AllFreeCrochet and Knitting website! Have tried some afghan patterns and fingerless gloves. Always looking at more. Thank you for the inspiration! I know I looked here for some Amigurumi patterns for my daughter to crochet, and I found a pattern for slippers and wristers here, too. Yes, crocheted dish cloths. Happy birthday, and Thankyou. I have used several of your patterns and have made afghans, baby booties, hats, even toys. I look forward to seeing your new patterns every week!

    This is the best crochet website! I have done scarves and hats! I also found a great headband pattern. I look forward to the newsletter to see what new patterns you post! I made a prayer shawl from one of your patterns for a friend to have a safe trip to Mexico.

    She had a nice time with her family and is back from her trip now. I have been making things from these wonderful patterns for quite some time- love that I can SAVE my patterns in my account — I recall copying out a few before I paid attention to that feature! I have made scarves, hats, beanies, wristlets, cowls, slippers, bags, and purses — I look forward everyday to the email patterns from your great site! I love to crochet; my husband calls me a machine! Crocheted the Crocodile Rio Scarf for my daughter and a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter-in-law.

    The pictures are great. I just did the Universal Slouchy hats. They came out beautifully. I have used numerous patterns from you over the last several years. All very satisfactory. I hope I win! I happily crocheted a scarf for my sister. I had one skein of Bernat Alpaca and this was the only place where I found a pattern that would work! I crocheted the cupcakes and put it in a cake plate just as you did. So many people said they looked real! Loved the feeling and compliments I got.

    Thanxs for being an inspiration to many! I have made a few more items over the past few years as well. I have made numerous scarves, afghans, baby blankets, hats, snowflakes, amigurumi, dishcloths. I crochet caps for caner with the hat patterns I use from this site.

    I have patterns for afghans your patterns are easy and beautiful. I am in the process of retiring hopefully I will have more time then. But my favorite was the Zen Jacket…. With all the patterns to choose from it is hard to decide which on to start with. I have crocheted hats, scarves, mittens, Afghans, baby items, and the list goes on and on. I want to wish you an Extremely, Happy, Blessed Birthday. May there be many, many more. With the advent of five great grandbabies in one year, I made baby blankets from patterns that I downloaded from all Free Crochet.

    Thank you for being ther. I crocheted a beautiful afghan for my son and new daughter-in-law as a wedding gift. They are getting married Nov. I have made several different scarves so many beautiful patterns to choose from , bracelets, and necklaces. I knited a scarf once but i needed more yarn to finnish it so I only make beanies. I have a lot of patterns saved for future project making but yes I have made several items with free patterns from this site.

    My most recent is the Goddess Shawl which I made in a purple yarn. It is very beautiful! I made that over Thanksgiving weekend. Canadian Thanksgiving. I am so delighted to find this site! Thanks for the wonderful patterns. I have made a bunch of them. I made my grand kids hats and scarfs, msde doll clothes, afgans, infinitely scarfs and mittens.

    Thanks for the fun. All your patterns are easy to read and to follow. I have enjoyed making all of them ang looking forward to fo more. To crochet is to relax. I am presently working on the Joyous Squares Afghan I found in an ebook from allfreecrochet. Very pretty, I am doing it in Browns and Burnt Orange. Should be beautiful. They loved them and asked me to make some in different colors to go with different outfits. I have made hats and scarves for a homeless shelter in Asheville. Thank you for all your patterns happy birthday. AllFreeCrochet is my favorite site. Love, love, love all the free patterns!

    I make them for the pregnancy center and my nephews who have new families. I love this site and have shared it with a lot of people. I love looking at all the patterns but have not done any yet. I do make little baby booties and I make the patters up as go. I make the bottom out of felt. I have made several scarf and hat sets, a few afghans, and several sweaters.

    Whenever I get an idea for a project, your website is the first place I look for patterns. Happy 4th Birthday, and thank you for so many beautiful patterns and ideas. I crocheted a beautiful three color three strand afghan for a wedding gift. It was lovely and it was loved! I have crocheted cupcakes, sock monkeys, hats, scarfs, and so many things I have lost count. So many things more to do. Have a great 4th birthday!! What a wonderful site for those of us that live in small towns. Easy to read patterns help me whip these item up in a couple of hours.

    Great cold day random gifts. Thanks to your website, I have crocheted several infant diaper sets with sweaters, onesies, rompers, hats and beanies, sundresses, cardigans, booties and headbands with flowers for preemies and orphans around the world. I have also crocheted several beanies for cancer patients. Your website has been a huge influence on the projects I like to try for gifts. Last valentines day I made the crochet heart basket for my closest friends. It was unique and fun to make. I appreciate everyone who shares their ideas. Made up a whole bunch — currently working on Mr Fluffs cat; best of the past was a whole lot of hats for a little girl with alopecia.

    Happy Birthday, AFC! I just did that cupcake Sunday night for a coworkers birthday. It was a zero calorie cupcake! Too many to mention!! Some of the list includes: toboggans, scarves, amigurumi dolls and toys, slippers, purses. I am currently working on an amigurumi Yorkie for my sweet niece. Her little Yorkie died recently so I thought a crochet one would lift her spirits. So much variety and help. Thanks so much!! I have crocheted many of your lovely patterns, but the first to come to mind is the Pineapple Shawl!

    I have used so many patterns from your site … diaper sets, slippers, fingerless gloves, shawls, amigurumi animals, book marks, hats, coasters, the list is endless and so many projects lined up. I use a lot of the items i crochet for Shoe Box Gifts. Thank you for 4 great years and Happy Birthday. I have crocheted so many of your patterns and I am so grateful to have found this wonderful site…thank you!

    Am ready to start a ribbed shrug and have about a ton of patterns downloaded. My daughter needs to install my computer on her home network so I can print! Yes I have! I love the starburst dishcloth pattern and have used it. I will use it again because I like the texture it creates!! I will be using more patterns soon.

    Love the soapkeepers — so sensible and convenient! And there are scarves and cowls and a sweater or two that I like as well. I love all the cute ideas you make available on a daily basis. I am not sure there is enough time in one life to complete them all, but here is to wishful thinking. I am relatively new to this hobby so I have yet to try any of your patterns but I do look quite often and yearn for the day I can master these beautiful patterns.

    I have used this site to direct me to several patterns. What could be better than that? The most fun one was a crocodile purse made to match my sparkly dress for the banquet at my Thirty-One National Conference this summer. It was a hit! I teach crochet and have found many wonderful patterns to use with my students. We are finishing a stash buster granny afghan now. I hav crochet 3 different shawls, hats, and blankets. I love all the patterns and will never have time to do all the ones I like. I love to crochet and this sit makes it so easy to find the greatest pattern.

    Right now I am making the Adeline fingerless mitts. Its easy to love all the free patterns that are offered and I never run out of things to make for the people I love. The first pattern that I ever crocheted was shawl, from there I have since crocheted scarves, and lapghans. I am currently crocheting my very first blanket. It is the Favorite Cozy Blanket. I enjoy making this blanket. I love to crochet and this site makes it so easy to find the greatest pattern.

    She is a certified Doula. She specified it needed be light weight and snug so as not to cause the baby to sufficate or get to warm. She liked it so much that she would like me to make more so she can sell them to her clients. I made the graceful shell shawl from redheart in the dark teal color. Way to many to name them all… I love the easy to read fun patterns… Hats, scarfs,, fingerless gloves, doll clothes, afagan, just to name a few….

    I never win any thing, but decided to take a chance.. Happy Birthday!!! I get all my patterns from here. I love making them and giving them away as gifts! Thanks for all the inspirations! Happy Birthday to you all too!!! I have made two hats in the past month, one was knit and one was crochet. I have to admit the crochet one was much faster and I got it off your site!!

    I always find something I just have to make. Am working on cowls and infinity scarves now for my granddaughters!! Love your site!!! Keep those patterns coming!! Many thanks for the wonderful free patterns. You have such precise instructions! Very important for a beginner especially,,love how the pieces are labeled Easy, Intermediate and difficult. Wow there are quite a few things. I recently made a pair of fingerless gloves with a pattern on AllFreeCrochet. Thanks for all you do and good luck to all!

    Just starting again! Thank you for the opportunity and the great patterns! I have crocheted a lot from the website…. I love the vast selection of patterns. I have seriously thought about giving every single pattern a try. I have crocheted several items from the site and have a list of many more I want to so…from gloves to shawls. Thanks so much for your free patterns. I love checking them all out and have used so many to make hats and blankets for my family and the Veterans.

    I have made so many items from your site. I have done dolls, turtle, giraffe, piggy, hats, scarfs, cowls, headbands, backpacks, and bookmarks. I have had some health issues and the crocheting has kept my mind busy as well as my fingers! The button cowl is my latest creation from your free patterns! I have crocheted many things from your wonderful site-fingerless mitts, scarves, afghans, ponchos and so on. Have a great birthday! Have not as of yet. Have to wait for work to slow down for the season.

    I have crocheted three or four patterns already and have more in the queue. Loved the fingerless gloves and hat patterns. Also have done cowl and scarf patterns. Absolutely love your site. Have a very Happy Birthday. I have crocheted a baby blanket based on a pattern that was posted here. I am currently crocheting a beanie for me and my husband! I used the munchkin leg warmer pattern for my little girl for dance class.

    It was a huge hit with the other mothers. Love the yarn and patterns. I just recently joined All Free Crochet. I am 56 and just started crocheting for the first time. I so appreciate the video tutorials. The project was slow to start, but I am more than half way through as of today. Love, love, love crochet. Found your site and made a scarf after years away from the craft. Happiest birthday wishes ever! Not yet… puts fingertips together and laughs evilly. But toys and hats and blankets granny squares!! I have just discovered your site — and crocheting — so I am a newbie all the way around.

    Happy 4! I have copied so many patterns from your site that I have no idea which ones I have executed. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Thank you SO much for everything you do! They look incredibly awesome!!! I am not sure but if I win I will!!! Email excitement of the day…. I have crocheted scarfs and afghans from this site. I also see how colors blend together or when a solid is a better choice. I would be so excited to win. Anything that I can learn on crocheting really helps since I taught myself. Just finished the Hushaby shell baby blanket, and now I am working on the blue bunny for our grandson due in January!

    This is only 2 on a list of many patterns I have used over the years. I have a new great-granddaughter and a new great niece and have been making many of your baby projects. Thank you so much for offering these patterns on this site. I have been crocheting since I was a child. I have now begun to get a little creative with my crochet patterns and there are so many ideas on the All Free site! It gives me great inspiration. I have crocheted many patterns from your website, but most recently I crocheted some autumn pumpkins to decorate the house with. Thanks for sharing some great patterns!

    My current project that I got from this website is the Amigurumi Yorkie. I have found the puff stitch to be very useful, and I learned it at AllFreeCrochet. It makes a great scarf using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I have crocheted dish rags, a sweater for my grand daughters doll, and baby boots. I get most of my ideas from this site.

    I use many patterns from here! My favorite things to make from here are afghans , hats,and scarfs. I am new to your site so I have not crocheted anything yet. But I have bookmarked quite a few patterns and will be making a scarf and hat for my husband and afghans for my children. I have crocheted many of the patterns you post. Several of them have become favorites among our prayer shawl group. Most recently though, I enjoyed making the witches hat featured earlier this month.

    It was quick and easy and is absolutely adorable. I love looking at your new and old patterns each time they come into my inbox. What a thrill it would be to win this free yarn as I am now alone and living on only my social security. I have my hopes up…dreaming of the knitting I could do for my 7 grand babies.

    What fun I could have! I have used MANY of your patterns for hats, scarves, and flowers! One of my favorites is the Puffy Popcorn Crochet Scarf! Happy Birthday and thanks a million for all the wonderful patterns! Beanies, baby afghans, new stitches and scarfs. I make hats and scarfs and take them to a treatment facility to give out to mentally handicapped homeless people.

    I have not crocheted anything from this site, yet…but I have TONS of your patterns bookmarked and waiting on me! I have a long list of to-do patterns, and am currently working on a scarf and fingerless mitts. I have made several of the Pink Grapefruit dishcloths this year. The tree will be auctioned and proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels this year. My next project will be the Beginner Mitts for All. I love this site and have used so many patterns. You are my go to site for beautiful patterns. Thanks so much. But I look forward to doing a lot of patterns from here! I have crocheted shawls, scarves, baby items and afghans from this site and love all the great patterns that are available here.

    Thanks for providing a great site for those of us that are hopelessly addicted to crochet! I regularly save patterns from your site and then sift back through them later. I have lots of your square motifs that I have used in sampler afghans. Happy 4th birthday. This is my favorite go to site for patterns. Thank you for having such a great site. I have crocheted many patterns and motifs from AllFreeCrochet. They all turned out lovely.

    I have made dishclothes and dish scrubbies and plan to crochet several of the afghan patterns this winter. This is a wonderful site! I have made numerous patterns from this site from hats to doll cloths to baby blankets to toys, etc.. Have loved all of them!!

    It would be great to win!! I made the 8 point round ripple blanket,, a couple of baby blankets, a few hats, and several scarfs. I have crocheted fingerless gloves, scarves, hats, jewelry, amigurumi toys an owl, a monkey, a frog, and a cactus. Also a few various afghan squares just for framing and hot pads. I would be so excited and thrilled if I were to win this! I plan to donate the afghans to shelters and hospitals. Thank you for this great giveaway. I made a cap and vest for my great nephew — it was a hunting style cap made in a camoflage yarn — so cute!

    Pick me to win! There are so many cute patterns shown here!

    Similar authors to follow

    I have made several of the Around the Rosy baby blankets and the Star for babies. There are so many wonderful designs on the AllFreeCrochet site for anyone! I have crochet the mock knit baby blanket for my nephews new born. Love your patterns. I have made hats, shawls and baby dresses from your site. It is a great place to find patterns. I enjoy your site very much. Many more!! I just finished two Scoodies for my grand girls, the Snow bear scoodie and the Cuddly Cat scoodie. They will get them for Christmas.

    And I finished an afghan from your site for my son and his wife, I love your site, I see patterns I want to make later and can save them right on your there till I can make them. A bearded beanie, a couple of other tams, several shawls and a couple of lap blankets. One of which got modified just enough to be turned into an afghan. My specialty is hats and two of my favorites are the dragon and sock monkey.

    I havent but I am looking for new patterns to crochet for some precious little kids i know and would love to use this site!!! Cant wait to see the results!!! I havent made any patterns from this site but I have some saved patterns that I am going to try out! I love looking through the patterns and finding some that i would love to do once i got more yarn!!! Happy Birthday AllFreeCrochet!!!!!! Currently I am in the middle of making hats for orphan babies in Haiti. I belong to a Prayer Shawl Ministry at my church and I have made many of your patterns.

    Sometimes I make an afghan pattern and reduce it to shawl size. Most of our shawls go to people who are sick or who have lost loved ones. We also give shawls to new babies and high school or college graduates. This past January, we sent shawls to the families of the Sandy Hook shooting.

    I am planning to make the scrap afghan for one of our graduates in the colors of her chosen college for her bed in the dorm. I love your site. We could never afford to buy patterns for all the shawls that we make. I made an afghan last year from a pattern I got out of one of your emails. I have crocheted so many things! Baby booties, hats, cocoons, scarves, Christmas ornaments and so much more! I love this site!

    However, I have already saved a few I want to try. I read your email every morning and look at each picture. I have crocheted many patterns I have found on your site. I really love making hats and other small wearables. Free patterns allow me to buy more yarn! Thanks for offering us a great resource. This is now my favorite site. Congrats on four years and I hope many more. I have made an afghan and baby booties from patterns I got from All Free Crochet.

    I have been learning to crochet using some of your great patterns. I found out that once you make a scarf for one person, then everyone in the family wants one — here comes Christmas! OMG I got back into crochet for the first time in 45 years because of your site. I looked up some patterns to teach a young neighbor how to crochet, then my future daughter in law.

    I Never successfully finished a project in my youth. But now with the help of several beautiful patterns, I have finished an afghan and about 6 hats and a scarf. Now I am working on a bed spread, an afghan, and some more hats and toys for Christmas gifts! I never win anything, what a blessing this would be! But i love these sites, so many creative people to share such awesome patterns with the rest of us. What have i not crochet from this site is a better question.

    Right now i am working on all my Christmas gifts for family; shawls, matching hats and scarves, placemats and rugs, mittens. And even some amigarumi toys for the babies. Still more to create. I just discovered this site but the patterns are fantastic and I have a few lined up to make for Christmas presents. I love the site because a lot of patterns can be made without the expense of buying the more expensive yarns. I am disabled and I spend a lot of time both knitting and crocheting which in turn gets given away as gifts. I am stitching a granny stitch afghan right now using patterns of granny stitches posted not long ago.

    Thanks AllFreeCrochet for helping me get my crochet on again after all these years! I have made many things from this site. I am making fingerless mitts at the moment and love to crochet and make things. I love getting your emails to see what is new or recommended. Thanks for your beautiful patterns, many ideas to do. I love this website! I crochet 4 afghan, 1 pullover for dad, many phone-cases, 1 big owl…. No not yet; but I love those cupcakes…need to try those!

    I love your site…. I get to learn so many things from them…. I have crocheted numerous items from the hooked on crochet website! It is my favorite crochet website! Thank you for sharing all the great patterns on the website and Happy 4th Birthday!!! The first pattern I worked on was a scarf. I have more patterns on my to do list. Thanks for your inspiration. I have crocheted many patterns and a lot have come from your website.

    The one I remember most is the crayon blanket.