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Final Championship Results:.

Women: Final Results Link. Men: Final Results Link. The Coker men overcame a 17 shot deficit by posting a -3 on the final day, with three of the five players posting rounds under par, and the Queens women led wire-to-wire as the Cobras and Royals captured the Conference Carolinas Golf Tournament Championships. Four of the Royals finished in the top six as Julia Wennerlund finished alone in second with a score of , Laura Belanger was third at and Camilla Mallberg was fourth at Mount Olive senior Tegan Skirpstas was crowned the individual champion, as her rounds of 74 and 76 gave her an eight shot victory over Wennerlund.

Her efforts led the Trojans to a second place finish. Emelie Anderson helped the Mount Olive cause with a fifth place finish. Pfeiffer ended up in third and Erskine was fourth The men's tournament came down to the final group as Coker, which began the day in sixth place, posted a in the third round, and waited for Barton, King and Belmont Abbey to finish their rounds.

The highest score of the round for Coker was a 78, which did not count in the team standings. The Cobras celebrated by leaping as a team into the nearby lake that joins the first tee. The Cobras edged Barton by one stroke as the Bulldogs missed a birdie putt on the 18th hole that would have forced a playoff. King was third at and Pfeiffer was fourth at Queens posted a fifth place finished as individual champion C.

DeBerg finished alone in third with rounds of Belmont Abbey finished sixth at and Mount Olive was seventh at With the Operator still annoyed at Teshin's condescending behavior towards them, the Operator states that they will not be told what to do by Teshin, and asks the Lotus to track Teshin down once they've dealt with the Specter. Players at this point must pursue one of Teshin's Specters, which appear as a violet energy decoy of him, and then take him down. Unlike most Capture targets, Teshin's Specter will fight back if threatened, engaging the player in melee combat.

Once Teshin's Specter has been successfully taken down, players must then capture it via a Capture Target prompt. After the player accomplishes this, the Lotus will ask the Tenno to extract, having locked on to Teshin's route. Heading to a Corpus Gas City on Jupiter where the Lotus has tracked Teshin's signal, the Lotus theorizes on the tactical advantage they can gain against the Grineer if they can locate the Twin Queens. The Operator then wonders why Teshin doesn't want the Tenno's help if he's tracking down the Queens, making the Lotus muse about Teshin's prideful personality.

Once the Tenno catches up to Teshin's location, it is revealed that they are tracking yet another of Teshin's Specters, and the Lotus asks the Tenno to capture it so they can use it to track Teshin. As with the previous mission, players must disable and then Capture the Teshin Specter before it can escape. Players can then extract once they have accomplished the mission.

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The Lotus tracks down Teshin's next location to a supposedly uninhabited asteroid field that deep scans reveal to have a 'security matrix', making the Lotus believe that someone is hiding something. The Lotus then asks the Tenno to prepare their Archwing for the mission. Deployed near an unusual asteroid structure, the Lotus briefs that the Tenno must disable the security matrix surrounding it before they can head inside to investigate. The Lotus asks Ordis as to whether their angle of approach is the best, to which Ordis points out the various traps and dangers outside of the shipping corridor the Tenno are in, and are thus advised to stick to this route.

Inside the asteroid base, Ordis points to the presence of a Grineer transport ship passing through several laser scanners on their route.

The War Within

In this section, players must avoid the red laser scanners within the corridor by keeping the moving transport between themselves and the red laser scanners as they pass. There are two sets of lasers that players must clear safely before they reach the end of the corridor, terminating into a transport hangar, where the player will encounter Kuva Grineer for the first time. Upon reaching the hangar players are automatically detached from their Archwings to transition into standard ground combat, where they are then tasked with disabling the security matrix by activating a console.

When the console is activated, players must then defend the console from Grineer attack for 2 minutes until the shutdown is complete - players will fail the mission if the console is destroyed. Once the security is overridden, players must then kill all remaining Grineer within the hangar to continue with the mission.

Transitioning into Archwing once more, the Operator expresses their surprise at the asteroid base that lies beyond the hangar, with the Lotus presuming it to be the Queen's Fortress.

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The Operator notes the Fomorian engines attached to the fortress, and realizes that the base is mobile, explaining why they've never been able to find it. The Lotus asks the Tenno to return to their ship and wait for Teshin to contact them, but the Tenno sees this as an opportunity to discover what's inside, fearing that they'll lose their chance if the fortress moves again. At this point, players are asked via a prompt whether they want to continue into the Fortress or not, warning them that mission access will be restricted once they proceed, meaning that players will be unable to abort the mission or change equipment from that point onward.

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Quest will be in Solo mode from that point as well. Proceeding inside the Fortress, the Operator tries to contact the Lotus, only to discover that they no longer have contact with her, and thus must proceed without her guidance. The Fortress features various scanners that will trigger defenses when a Tenno is detected; player can choose to either avoid the scanners by stealth, or simply run through the level as fast as possible. Deeper into the Fortress, player will come upon a large cavernous room with an large elevator whose access is locked.

In order to activate the elevator, the player must find three Elevator Keys mounted on consoles throughout the cavern, and then carry them to the main console in the center of the room. Only when all three Elevator Keys are inserted will the main elevator open, granting access to the bottom levels. Deep inside the Fortress, the Tenno finally finds the Queens' throne room, the very same one from their vision, where they are then confronted by Teshin, telling them that they have ruined them both, as Kuva Guardians and the Twin Queens themselves descend into the room.

Disappointed at how Teshin brought the Warframe instead of the Operator themselves, the Queens nonetheless manage to restrain the Tenno with Teshin's help, and proceeds to disrupt Operator's connection to it. Back in the Orbiter, Ordis identifies this as a Transference Surge and urges Operator to cut the link, which Operator claims they cannot do.

Unable to shut down the Link from the Orbiter and prevent the Surge, the Operator is rendered unconscious. The Operator wakes up outside of their Transference chamber to the laments of distraught Ordis. Once the Operator calms the Cephalon down, they ask Ordis to reestablish Transference with their Warframe. To this Ordis replies that he is unable to do so, asking the Operator to reestablish the Somatic Link with their Void energies. At this point, players must use their Void powers on the Somatic Link receptacle on top of the Transference chamber by firing a Void Beam at it, activated via the fire key.

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  • However, the Operator experiences a backlash that prevents prolonged periods of firing. Believing that the Operator can no longer control Warframes, Ordis suddenly initiates his Purge Precept, decompressing the ship while turning the Sentinel's default guns even if it is not equipped with one against the Operator. Barely containing his care for the Operator, Ordis urges them to head to the navigation console so that he may detach the landing craft. The player must now escape to the front of the Orbiter, avoiding both the Sentinel's attacks and steam vents that periodically stagger and block the player from progressing.

    Managing to escape to the front of their landing craft, the Operator now find themselves stranded on top of a snowy mountain on Earth. Players must navigate the snow-covered path and avoid getting blown off by the wind as they make their way to a cave at the end of the path. Within the cave, the Operator finds a corpse by a fireplace, where they are then confronted by Teshin once more. After a brief altercation where the Operator fails to land a punch on Teshin, the latter locks the Operator inside the cave by closing an old automated door.

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    As Teshin's voice explains the nature of Margulis ' "lie" as to what she did to the Tenno, the Operator comes across a massive Ayatan Sculpture encased in icy stalactites. The solver has to backtrack! The solver decides to challenge its last decision to place the second queen in the third row from the top and places it in the fourth row. First, the square with the red cross is removed because of the positive diagonal constraint.

    This leaves only one possibility to place a queen in the fourth column. This is of course not possible and the negative diagonal constraint tells the solver that no queen can be on a negative diagonal from the fourth queen. Since there is one, the solver concludes that there is a failure. It has to backtrack again! First, it tries to challenge its last choice for the second queen but it detects that there are no more other choices.

    The solver has to challenge its first choice to place the first queen in the first row and places the first queen in the first column second row.

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    • The positive diagonal constraint kicks in and forbids the red square leaving no choice to place a third queen in the third column first row. The solver finds out that the model is respected, so we have our first solution! Should the solver continue the search, it would have to backtrack and try to place the first queen in the first column third row. See the section The n-Queens Problem for a more precise definition of this problem. See the subsection Problems, instances and solutions for more.

      You can find this search process detailed in the sections Implementation of a basic model and cpviz: how to visualize the search. Google or-tools open source library. Introduction to constraint programming. What is constraint programming? The problem The 4-Queens Problem [1] consists in placing four queens on a 4 x 4 chessboard so that no two queens can capture each other. A mathematical translation of the problem In Constraint Programming we translate a real problem into a mathematical model with variables and constraints.