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So this remarketing list has 2. Put another way, someone on this remarketing list is 2. The average person in this remarketing list is 2. In practice, it mostly just reflects the Index data. Not very useful. If you want to use your Audience Insights data to expand your reach outside of remarketing, it would be better to create a new and separate Display campaign for that.

So for our purposes, use these insights to customize your ads and landing pages to resonate better with your audience, and squeeze more performance out of your campaigns that way. This relies on the Audience Insights report again. In other words, these people are actively, seriously researching and enrolling in study abroad programs.

If you were planning to study abroad, how likely would you be to enroll in an online college at the same time? Note that you can make most of these exclusions at the campaign level or the ad group level, but two options can only be excluded at the campaign level: Demographics and Site category options. The higher the percentage of your audience that consists of those people, the bigger the potential impact will be — good or bad. This guide has a lot of tips for running highly effective retargeting campaigns.

But to be honest, most of it has been pretty cookie-cutter up to this point. But if you sell more than one product, try advertising related products to the people who just bought something. Like promoting an iPhone case to people who just bought an iPhone, as Best Buy has done. The definition of retargeting is marketing to people who have previously interacted with your brand. You can then take that similar audience and use it just like a regular remarketing list, applying it to any of your campaigns to reach additional potential customers.

To get there, start by clicking on a targeting method in the lefthand menu for example, Audiences or Topics. We talked earlier about tracking social shares as a micro-conversion. By doing that, you can create an audience segment for your social sharers. Instead, wait until Google creates a similar audience for your social sharers list, and advertise to those people. You can greatly expand your reach by using more than one.

Plus, you can retarget through non-advertising channels like email, and even offline methods like direct mailers, outdoor media, TV and radio. Broadly speaking, anywhere that you can expect the same person to see your message multiple times is an opportunity for retargeting. Will it be a time-based retargeting ladder? Will you test different frequency capping settings? This thing is massive! Definitely the best resource out there on RM. Thanks Kyle… downloaded and subscribed.

Excellent post! Now THAT was a blog post. Awesome, Eric. That seems to be one of the main ideas from this post that people are trying out.

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Let me know how it goes! That looks really good, thanks for the idea. Hi, I think this is what is called a real article. John Mueller of Google will certainly appreciate. Your article is strong and rewarding about Remarketing AdWords. Great article. Thanks, Ryan! Would you mind letting me know whether you sourced your graphics from? They all have a consistent theme which is really nice looking. I would like to apply the same on my site. Glad you liked it, Alimthah! Dribbble, Upwork and 99 Designs are all good places to find excellent illustrators for your site.

This is incredible. I have literally never seen a more detailed article on remarketing in the past. Thanks for putting this together! Thanks for saying so, Christian! My goal was to make it the most thorough guide on the subject available :. I love your post you have shared here on your site.

I would like to share it with my friends on all my social media accounts. Thanks for writing such an informative content. Thanks Kyle! Very informative article! I spent 3 days to finish reading this and followed the steps you shared. Learned a lot! Grateful for your share! Well, informative article.

Looks like download option is broken. I tried multiple times but got email without any attachment. Hi Kyle, I found this article really useful and quite big though. Thanks for sharing this Article. Glad you enjoyed it, Sajeed. Wow, a really useful guide. I really appreciate your writing style. You explained everything really well. Much thanks for sharing. Your email address will not be published. Remarketing: the Ultimate Guide for Luckily you can use remarketing to bring those people back and convert them into paying customers or engaged users.

Remarketing is so powerful that just about every business should use it. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8.

Your Business Is Unique. Your Agency Should Be, Too!

Remarketing vs Retargeting People still get confused by this sometimes, so let me clear this up: remarketing and retargeting are the same thing. New father here! You decide not to buy it and you leave the site. But now, you start seeing ads for that crib all over the place.

It just works. Now for something completely different… Svedka Vodka Retargeting is a lot more flexible than you might realize. It will show you how to: 1. Tag your site for retargeting 2. Set up your first retargeting audiences 3. But wait a second. Do you really want to follow ALL your visitors around with the same ads? Then hit the pencil icon and you can change it to, say, only count people who converted on Goal 1: Another good reason to customize this audience would be to add another condition if you need one.

Simple, right? This is where you can see any audiences you have set up. It will then prompt you to choose a goal or objective. It helps you avoid wasting money and burning people out.

This ensures that only the people on your remarketing list will see your ads. Remarketing ads are no different. Except in the case of remarketing. So when you create your ads, you need to take advantage of that. Here are some of the types of messaging that tend to work well in retargeting ads: Overcome common objections. Do people tend to think your SaaS product is too expensive? Compare it to the additional revenue they can make with it. Do people see your service as a risky investment? Call out your money-back guarantee. Demonstrate social proof by showcasing reviews, customer testimonials or press quotes.

Reinforce your value proposition by calling out supporting features and benefits they may not have seen on your site. If your site focuses on how your product saves them money, focus your ads on saving time. A free trial, a cheaper-tiered product, a valuable guide… something to get your foot in the door. Offer more value or a lower price. A free bonus like a secondary product or onboarding assistance , or a limited-time discount or free shipping. Responsive ads are awesome. To create a responsive ad, you just need three things: Your logo.

This is technically optional, but definitely recommended. This image will be used in two sizes, square and 1. You can either provide images in both sizes or just in the landscape size and then crop it to a square within Google Ads. What do your customers say they love about you?

What are the most common questions they have before buying? Your site. Likewise, your meta page title tags and meta descriptions work like ad headlines and body copy, so they can be mined for ideas as well. Other industries. If a company has been using the same verbiage for quite a while, that means it probably works.

Try using their phrasing as a template for your own. Check Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and any industry-specific forums to see how your customers talk about your competitors — particularly anything they complain about that you do differently. Check the option to create a duplicate, and paste again. Now you have two identical ads in your ad group.

Just use the pencil icon to edit one, and then let both versions run. And so on. And there are better places to spend your time if you want to improve your performance. Improve Your Retargeting Results Quickly with Basic Audience Segmentation Let me ask you something: if you were managing an ad campaign for the Ford Motor Company, and you saw lots of people were looking at the F pickup truck on the Ford site, would you start showing them ads for a Mustang convertible? Of course not. The more you can personalize your ads this way, the more effective your marketing will be.

And you can have as many remarketing lists as you want. But generally speaking, the more lists you can segment out, the better your results will be. For now, let me show you how to set up a few of my favorite retargeting audiences. The problem with a lot of your regular visitors is… They bounced. They took one quick look at your site and ran the other way. These are the last two things you may want to change. Easy peasy. All done! Remember the Ford example?

For example… If you have a few different services or products you sell, you can set up a different retargeting audience for each one. If you have an ecommerce site with thousands products, you can set up a different audience for each category of products. In which case you should also check out Dynamic remarketing, covered later in this guide, for a more automated option that uses your data feed of products. If you have a blog, you can set up a different audience for each of your post categories or for each of your top articles. For Google Ads tag users , we need to make two remarketing lists.

Analytics tag users: skip to the next step. There are two reasons for breaking out additional remarketing audiences like this one: Reason 1 is so that we can measure and optimize their performance by making bid and placement decisions for each specific audience. But the ads for my new F ad group should be focused on the F Sexy images of the F Copy that talks about the features and benefits of the F, or that overcomes common objections about it. The most popular pickup just got even better. Amazing power with an unbeatable 35 mpg rated V A call-to-action that would resonate with someone looking for an F Test-drive one today!

So we need to exclude your new retargeting list from them. This next audience will help you re-capture them. You can see how the template is set up below. This step is just the same as usual. Why are people abandoning the conversion funnel or shopping cart in the first place? Want to come back to this later? Download the free PDF version of this guide and you can pick it back up right where you left off. Click here to download it now. And yes, it also contains segmented remarketing audiences. Google will walk you through a couple quick steps to complete the import.

So our main remarketing audience segments look like this: The people who barely know us general site visitors see ads for our free public content, if we advertise to them at all.

A setup like that works really well. You can do similar segmentation with time -based retargeting audiences. There are 2 main types of remarketing ladders you can set up. A behavior-based retargeting ladder looks like this, moving from the bottom to the top: The second type of retargeting ladder you can set up is TIME based. Let me ask you something. The answer is obvious. So it should also be obvious that you need to approach these people differently. And you can also include some breaks periods with no ads at all to avoid burning people out. And of course, you can create overlapping audiences to combine the two ladder types.

Implementing a retargeting ladder is pretty simple. You may not choose to serve ads to every one of those audiences, but you do have them. Let me show you how this works. Not hard at all. Go ahead and choose a search campaign or ad group. The smart play is actually to not make any adjustments at all. Wait, what? Then why did I even set this up? There are 3 main strategies for using RLSA, and you can use all of them at the same time: Make bid adjustments to your existing search campaigns which we just covered.

Have separate ad groups or campaigns for your remarketing lists. This is a powerful but massively overlooked way to harness the strength of your remarketing audiences with search ads. Then, take advantage of your new separate ad group that targets your retargeting audience by: Targeting a separate set of keywords. Serving different ads. Again, these are people who have already seen your main landing page. So the same way you can call out alternate selling points in your RLSA ads, you can do the same with a different landing page. Dynamic Remarketing [Trick 7] For ecommerce retailers, dynamic remarketing can produce results as amazing as doubling ROI.

Dynamic remarketing consists of three parts: A data feed of all your products or services. In order for Google to see which products your visitors are viewing, you need to set up some more advanced tagging options on your site. You can use the Google Ads remarketing tag with remarketing event snippet or Analytics tag for dynamic remarketing.

The dynamic remarketing ads themselves. You can also set up dynamic remarketing for apps. Save and continue from there, and Google will walk you through the rest of the setup process. Mobile App Remarketing [Trick 8] You can set up retargeting based on your mobile app just like you did for your site. Here are the basic options of app user types you can choose from: For Android apps, all you need to do to build a basic remarketing list of app users is link your Google Ads account to your Google Play Developer account as described here.

Now you can name your audience as you see fit, and choose your settings. But the devil is in the details. But if it comes at the expense of your other traffic sources, that can lead to your downfall.

Retargeting just takes credit for the last touch. So if you start to remove focus or budget from those original first-touch traffic sources, things will look great for a while… Until your retargeting pipeline runs dry. Otherwise, your sales will shrink like a deflating balloon. Watch Your View-Through Conversions [Trick 11] Giving retargeting too much credit for last-touch conversions is very common. But the opposite mistake is also common. Basic mistake, basic solution.

Sales, leads, etc. And only at the end should you be pushing for a big, macro conversion like a sale. Use it! Quick question: When you do notice them, how do they make you feel? For most of us, the answer is often one of two things: Annoyed Creeped out As an advertiser, that should worry you.

The top 9+4 Custom Audiences with really high ROI

There are simple things you can do to both make your ads leave a positive impression pun intended, ha … And improve your results and ROI at the same time. Those issues are: Message-placement mismatch Your ads are shown too often Your ads are too repetitive Issue 1: Message-placement mismatch. That makes them stick out and seem awkward and creepy. When I used the app before, it was. As a result, this ad campaign was extremely effective… at getting me to uninstall Headspace. But it will be a while before I can hear that voice again and not be annoyed.

At least, not very well. There are a few things to consider when you set up frequency capping: The length of your audience membership duration how long your ads will be shown to each person This is the single biggest factor. Video ads are MUCH more intrusive than search and banner ads, so their frequency cap should typically be much lower. I could have seen banner ads for Headspace every day for a month without it being as annoying as a single week of video ads. Could the ads be embarrassing? Is your advertising urgent? Do you do a ton of other advertising that your target customers are also exposed to?

Are you running many ad variations, or the same creative repeatedly? How much do you care about protecting your brand vs burning people out? How aggressive is your competition? All done, right? How can you know? Reach and Frequency are two beloved metrics that are probably as old as advertising itself. In Google Ads, you can add them as columns at the campaign level. Note: Google only reports reach metrics for date ranges of 92 days and shorter. Issue 3: Repetitive ads. Just now, I said to do it to make your ads less annoying and repetitive. Increase CTR and Conversion Rate Using Audience Insights [Trick 16] The Remarketing Bullseye illustrates how you can narrow down your targeting by applying regular display targeting in addition to your remarketing audiences.

This next trick is related, but different. Whereas that trick was about narrowing down your targeting based on who you believe your target market is… This trick is about personalizing your ads based on the preferences of the people you are actually reaching. But how much do you know about their other interests? Plus, some of your assumptions about those more basic characteristics may be wrong. Finding out is easy. That could be the basis of a nice, focused branding campaign.


I lied. There is one way to do it. Let me ask you this: If you were planning to study abroad, how likely would you be to enroll in an online college at the same time? Not very. You can do this with any of the insights you get from your Audience Insights reports. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Or to target only non-converters.

When we use Facebook, we often run ads in three waves. The first outreach is geared at a wide variety of people with interest in a specific product or service. Then we queue up a second ad that appears only to people who viewed or engaged with the first ad. Does your brand need help to identify, then communicate with, your target audience?

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Abstract A blog without an audience is no more than a constrained word processor; the point of blogging is surely to find an audience. Related Information. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Change Password! Forensic evidence; Speaking to an audience requires a pace slower than normal conversation.

What is Audience Targeting? Isn't Everyone My Audience? Volume Nine However, use with care; too frequent use of high pitch can irritate an audience. You can also vary volume to make your talk more lively, but avoid shouting. Grow your brand with storytelling on social media Inexperienced speakers are often afraid to pause; they see pausing as a failure in fluency, but experienced speakers use pauses to good effect.

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