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The chief emptied the rest of the liquid in his cup into his mouth as he brought his face close to his disciples and roughly planted his lips onto the others. Swirling the liquid with his tongue inside his mouth he gulped half of it and let the other half flow down his disciples throat. Parting with Cristons lips and letting go of his chin, he wiped his own mouth as he lifted himself off the chair.

Holding in a cough, Criston got up slowly and walked some ways behind the chief, moving soundlessly. They strolled to the bottom of a staircase made of rocks. With only a few candles lighting the way, the darkness that surrounded was giving out the cold pressure of an abandoned dungeon. Even without the ability to see properly the two moved around effortlessly as they reached the chamber the staircase leads to.

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Having been around many times they both knew the ins and outs of this secret chamber. The chief looked at his disciple, a wicked smile rising on this face.

Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash

I wonder what we should do today. Thrilled, but having trouble choosing he decided to first guide his precious toy to the shackles hanging from the wall to get started. Feeling a shiver come down from the back of his head to his very feet, Criston twitched ever so slightly. Quickly composing himself he took the last steps between him and the shackles, dropped his robes on the floor and positioned himself on the wall, slipping his wrists through the loose cuffs. The chief came over grinning from ear to ear, humming quietly as he fastened the cuffs around his toys wrists safely.

As he pulled on a chain hanging from the ceiling the shackles tied to Criston started tightening themselves and slowly lifted him off the ground. Maybe the whip? Or is that perhaps too basic? I think a hammer would be too boring Now I know, lets go with the mini iron maiden this time around, you wouldn't mind right? They say to leave the best for last but it's alright, I am sure we can think of something else after! Criston felt his back go cold immediately and tried his best to hold back on trembling as the chief excitedly went over to the table and grabbed a small iron maiden, bringing it over to his disciple.

He said in a cheerful voice as he opened the clasps of the iron maiden, carefully wrapping it around Cristons member. Feeling a tremble from the object he frowned slightly, not even turning to look at his toys face. Hearing his masters annoyed tone, Criston quickly tried to control his body along with the tremors. The chief slowly enclosed the member inside the iron maiden and locked it in place with a clack that was drowned under the loud groans and grunts of his disciple. He looked up at the white face of his disciple as he felt a strong sense of intoxication give rise to itself inside him.

Ah, so beautiful.. Seeing drops of cold sweat rolling down his toys cheeks he felt overjoyed, going over to bring the next toy to use to play with his disciple. Starting off, he only softly slapped the whip on his cheek, leaving behind a red area, moving lower he slapped the whip against Cristons skin harder each time. With great speed and enthusiasm he cracked the whip three times, on the shoulder, the chest and the ribs. Marveling at the sight of the agitated areas he went on slapping, the abs, the protruding hipbones.. Finally as he cracked the whip properly the sixth time he drew blood, causing his entire body to tremble ever so slightly with excitement.

Getting even more exhilarated than before he vigorously cracked the whip left and right until there wasn't much skin left untouched. The chief felt his breath get a little ragged as he straightened himself and his robes, fixing his gaze on his artwork.

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As not even a cut was made to his skin, he felt quite content. Yes, let's use this one. A chillingly cold and perverse smile on his lips he moved closer to Cristons body, tracing his fingers along the lines of his not so visible muscles. Finding a spot he found pleasing, the chief looked up at his toys flushed face and licked his cheek from the jawline up.

We need you!

Without giving him the time to answer, he pressed the jagged knife against his toys skin and pulled it along the lines of his body, only to notice it barely scratched the skin. The chief did it again, and again, until the skin was completely cut open and blood started flowing out. This is great! He looked at his work happily, moving on to the next spot, drawing another line again, sawing at the skin with the jagged knife like it was a piece of wood.

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Stroke by stroke cutting in deeper and tearing the flesh apart in a crude way. As gasps for breath and groans filled the chamber with sound, the chief continued on putting effort into making line after line of bloody streaks on his disciples body. The sound of the cutting of the flesh would have been better left emitted from ones hearing, but it kept torturing the mind of Criston along with the pain of having his skin ripped apart by a dull and jagged knife. His entire body was red and blue as he felt like his whole being thumped together with his heart that beat heavily. The air became soon moist and stagnant with the smell of iron and sweat lingering around, teasing the senses of the people involved.

Time trickled by as the chief changed his means of torture a couple of times before feeling satisfied, hours later.

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Licking the dull knife clean of blood he turned around to place it on the table as he heard a curious sound of something spilling onto the floor. A chuckle escaped his lips, as he peeked over at his disciple, seeing pink liquid spilling from the iron maiden wrapped around his member. My, my. He traveled right back to his toy and flicked the metal case as he looked up into the others face.

Grinding his teeth together Criston had bore with the torture for hours without letting a single scream out, his face had flushed with pink as he looked absolutely disheveled. Together, along with believers in Ukraine, we can bring change and healing. The believers in Kiev work hard to reach those lost and suffering. Ministry leaders are out on the city streets feeding the homeless, taking food and other kinds of help to families who are struggling to survive, even taking in refugees and housing them and feeding them.

I pray that you share the same vision that the leaders in Kiev and we at MPI share. That is to be like Christ. We must feed the lost souls, love them, help them, and most importanly share Christ with them. He is the only true hope they can lean on. Christians in Kiev are daily being servants for the Kindgom. But their reach is often limited by their own restricted finances. You can supply leaders with enough resources to feed and share the Gospel with one lost and struggling person once a week for a month. Assistance for refugees and people who live in the war zone.

Help for hearing impaired people and children with disabilities. One of the aims of Barnabas Foundation is to help people who find themselves in poverty. Many of these are refugees from the east. We organize a twice weekly feeding program during which we provide counseling.

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People get a hot meal in winter and sandwiches and tea in summer. Among our volunteers there are specialists who provide free advice on legal and family problems, employment and health. Each outreach event averages about people. Everyone gets a meal, but the most important thing is that they hear the Word of God, and we pray for them. Our volunteers also organize medical care for those who need it. Last December, during our Christmas trip, I took an afternoon to go participate in feeding the homeless in Kiev.

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I knew that I had to see this ministry with my own eyes. We were driven to a road underpass near a busy market on that cold Wednesday afternoon. The leaders quickly began unloading tables and food.