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I read a book a long time ago in middle school and a very important theme was the main girl wears purple lipstick and always blotches them on a napkin. She and this girl have been competing for ever and I think at some point the main girl figures out her boyfriend was cheating with the other girl. So the boyfriend ends up dead with a purple lipstick mark on his cheek and everyone thinks it's the main girl. She fights to prove she's innocent and shows the other girl was keeping her purple lipstick blotches napkins in a drawer and convinced people she used the napkin to frame her.

The other girl ends up in a psych ward, main girl ends up with her male best friend and confesses she truly did murder her boyfriend and framed the other girl. In the 's or early 's I read a book about a teenage girl who lives with her single mother and younger sister. Both the mother and sister seems to look to the teenage girl to take care of them emotionally.

The teenage girl meets a boy and develops a relationship while the younger sister is promiscuous and ends up pregnant. The younger sister lies about how far along she is so a nice boy thinks it's his and married her. The younger sister husband leaves after discovering baby isnt his, younger sister baby is removed and they expect teenage girl to fix it for them. Girl decides to leave for art school and let her family and her clingy boyfriend to care for themselves. Anyone remember this book?

Its driving me crazy trying to remember the name of the book and the character names. They try to go into the city by jumping onto a train and they end up finding they need to get her on a boat to get home, so they have to either swim across a ocean or pay to cross the bridge. There is also this beast who I believe left his master, he ends up fighting an alligator and winning, but just barely, after he accepts death.

I can't remember the name of the book I read about a girl in a dystopian world may have had a mother and Brother die in very beginning, don't remember but she comes across a group of men and to protect her from a severe rape and possible death, one of the men "gently" rapes her and she either escapes or the men just leave since they successfully got her; and she ends up pregnant and has a baby girl.

Years later she is living in a cave society and ends up meeting the father of her daughter and learns h e had done what he did to try and save her from worse, and they end up falling in love, though there is more to the actual book story. The book was the first in a series.

The Adventures of Camellia N. - The Arctic by Debra L Wideroe - READ ALOUD

I cant remember the name of this book I read. Its about a girl who is in art school, her dean tells her shes failing. She goes to look for this like retired artist who could mentor her. Hes an alcoholic. He lives with this younger guy whos like a bad boy. And the mentor had been in a relationship with her mom before her mom died and she found letters in the mentors house. I think the girl had a really unique name and went by a shorter version.

I think she had drawn the bad boy the first time she met him and he kept that drawing. They I think started like dating and she got jealous of some girl who I think was his step mom or sister or something. Looking for a young adult book I read around It had 2 plots, one that took place during the present day and another during an s type time period.

It was a conservative rural family and the baby conceived out of wedlock - so consequences from the abusive father were dire and the stakes were high. In the end the older sister ended up having the baby but it died and she put it in the river. Im searching for a book about this little boy who gets abducted while waiting for his mom. This female detective moves into town and tries to find him. She finds a dairy of maybe the abductor and in it the person describes how they watched a grown police man throw up at the sight of the dead body.

So its also about a group of people who have been killing since they were kids. Looking for a book about a women whom travels into a new neighborhood that is run by a mafia. She has caught the eye of the mafia boss and he protects her sometimes when he see her. IN this book, I believe they have powers in the mafia that allows the mafia gang to shadow creep into places that normal people can not.

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I'm searching for two books. The first is a book about a group of college women and their lives after graduation. Not a movie. May have Club in the title. May be by Jeanne Dixon. Looking for a book that the cover is a theme of purple and butterflies. The boy spends his whole life trying to get her out and succeeds in the end. Looking for the title of a novel about a black funeral home director who must find a wife.

The wife he is advised to choose should be submissive, dark-skinned, the perfect color, in order to carry on the tradition as his father did. I believe that the story is set in the late 19th or early 20th C. Would love to find this book--thanks! Plot was angel torn between Heaven and Hell, not feeling worthy Monks take bad men to a monastery and basically torture them?

Reviews from a small country

In it, an angel fell to earth from his cloud and landed on earth, in a big city. He explored a department store, and was taken home by an old woman who gave him a bath. It was regularly read aloud by Captain Kangaroo, on his TV show. I am looking for a book that I believe is only a picture book or at least very few sentences, about two gorilla families. The illustrations are marvelous but also contain some weird elements like trees turning into light poles, bowler hat clouds etc. From what I remember the main characters are two child gorillas from very different households one being rich and distant parents, the other being poor but very loving parents.

They meet at a park and play together. Looking for adult book about characters Blue and Pink in kids book. Spider weaving web on porch. Old woman fies. Settling estate. I'm looking for a book that was about this boy with his father not having a good relationship his father is a doctor I believe and is rich. The father has a bodyguard and the son I believe has is taking summer classes due to his father. They own a house near the beach and the boy plans a party with his group of friends not knowing that the word of having a party started to go around like wildfire.

Then later on in the book he and his girlfriend and guy friend go on an airplane trip to France to find more about his father or the bodyguard secret. When they arrive there the main character the guy goes into a car dealership he tries to get a car but fails after being a minor in France. Even though in America he isn't a minor. They then bribe the worker to file fake documents in order to get a car. They go to this hotel near a beach that you can go to fully nude at the beach But it appears that they are being followed by somebody.

The main character tries to get more information about the one specific man. Says who are you looking for and the main character lies that he was eager to find his dad after years of trying to find him. Looking for a second chance mc romance about a female realtor who gets beaten up by a potential client. She then runs into her biker ex and his club , she knows his club, at a wings restaurant on bike night. This is a very remote chance and I dont have a lot of info but Im looking for the names of a trilogy written about a girl growing up in a religious school and coming to grips with her catholism???

Have a feeling the names of the books were something to do with the seasons but could be wrong. Looking for a book about a teenage girl who if I remember correctly was called either Deliah or Delilah. She had an older brother who ran away from home due to her finding out he had a drug addiction.

Her best friend was this Indian girl who ended up sleeping with her boyfriend Adam, the son of a police officer. Her mother was a clown and the book was within a series all focusing on Delilah and her brother. The first book ended with her brother calling her to tell her that he was alive. Please help, have been searching for literally years x. I'm looking for a book about a motorcycle president and a woman hiding her past. She was raised in a group home that her father sold her to when she was a very young child after her moms death.

The group home is abusive and the heroine protects the younger children. The lady running the home beats the heroine or locks her in the dark basement for says. A young girl shows up with no memory and the heroine protects her. The woman that runs the home son attacked the young girl and the heroine attached him and together they ran. Now the heroines friend was on the way to work and was kidnapped. The heroine is looking for her at a strip club where she heard she might be.

Bikers show up at the motel room of heroine saying the president of the club wants to talk to her. She says fine she will dress and follow them. They grab her and she tells them she doesn't like to be touched. They don't listen and she kicks their booty. She paints rufus on Mc clubhouse wall. Her list uncle comes back and sees it. He knows his sister always had rufus. Heroine is also interloped with the homeless vets. It had copies published in Cortez Colorado by Beaver publishing in I have befriended the author, and would like to read futher adventures of his horse trading days.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am searching for a book that I think was called "The Promise". It is about reincarnation with an actress and writer discovering they had lived and loved in another lifetime. Others from this past life have also been reincarnated and are now closely involved in their current lives as well. I don't recall all details, but seem to remember the actress's mother in the past interfering in her life and manipulates people and events until she ultimately and accidentally kills her daughter I read this book back in the 70's, so it is rather old. I can't remember the title or author.

I read this book back in the 90s. The book is about an English woman who inherits a mansion but only if she goes on a quest to return a dragon egg within 1 years time. The woman was a teacher in London. When she leaves on the quest, she takes a street-wise London boy with her. The egg is from the union of a dragon and human woman and is watched over and accompanied by an oriental unicorn creature. I think it was called a Ki-lin or Ky-rin maybe Qylin, not sure.

The creature starts off as a small statue and he can shrink to tiny size or grow to the size of a horse. And he never harms anything, not even a blade of grass. At the end of the book, the woman returns home to open an orphanage. When the egg hatches, there are twins inside. A perfect little dragon and a human baby. My friend thinks there might be a fox in the story also. I'm searching for a book that I was assigned to read for a college class in or It probably fits under the category of Intermediate Reader or possibly YA.

Definitely historical fiction. It's the best book I've ever read, so I can't believe I don't remember the author or even the title. The story is set during the time when white people are leary of their Japanese neighbors. The story centers around a girl and her family who have a farm I think on one of the San Juan Islands. Relatives come to stay with the girl's family and she is not happy about it because the female cousin is spoiled and tries to get her in trouble. The girl likes to go out sailing in her sailboat. One night she is out in her sailboat with her friend and it is foggy and they hear another boat nearby and they hear voices and the sound of a body being thrown overboard.

When the boat leaves, the girl and her friend retrieve the body from the water and bring it back to shore. The body turns out to be a Japanese man and they hide him and nurse him back to health. The would-be murderers of the Japanese man discover that he is still alive and chase the girl and her friend and cousin and the Japanese man across Puget Sound in their sailboats to Friday Harbor. It is an intense chase.

Wish I could remember more of the book. Does anyone know the title of the book I'm thinking of? They get him on board and the chief engineer poisons him and takes money. The characters are, Lt. Commander Cordeau, Lt. Beech, Zola the stoker can't remember any more!! The rogue engineer shoots Cordeau and takes Beech prisoner and then lets him go as he has run out of bullets. I think the book was called "Dead Mans Chest". Thanks in advance John. I can't for the life of me remember the rest of the book or what it is called!

Can anyone see if they know! I am looking for a novel about a girl whose tree in her back yard has a world within where her parent go and get balloons of life that keep them young. Cover I believe depicted a tree and red ballon of some sort. It was about a female inmate who was in a horse training program. I think a guy adopted the horse she was working with, but I remember she ended up going to his house to help train the horse.

His child had special needs. And of course like all good books they fell in love in end. Horses name was something like Wildfire Its about some boys and a girl all working as detectives with sherlock holmes. There at a circus and some people perform tricks in code. I want to learn the tricks but i dont know the book.

Any ideas? I am looking for a book that I read in 5th grade. I am pretty sure the title was something like The Family. It was essentially about a family with 5 or 6 children, mostly boys, and their antics. This book was stuck in my mind because one of the sons dies after riding his bike down a hill and then crashing into the side of a car at the bottom.

There was also another kid that really like to eat butter and was caught eating a whole stick of it and later got sent to the hospital with a really high fever, like The family's first Easter after the son's death was really hard. The end of the book had the family go to Thanksgiving with their famous pudding and as they are about to leave the car one of the younger boys accidentally stepped in it and the mom was devastated that the pudding was ruined but the dad was like no it's fine the shoe was clean we don't need to tell anyone.

When dessert came around the parents were told that the pudding tasted better than ever so the mom and dad went to the kitchen to laugh really hard, the first time that they had laughed so hard since their son had died. This book is about a girl who met a guy while on vacation and decided to go back with him to his country and meet his family They first met with his brother who didn't seem to fond of her. A novel about a confused woman she sees shadows in a mirror, and she loses time. They are chased and watched and end up in an alternate universe where there is a backwards ticking clock.

A countdown of some sort that she has on her to accomplish a task. The driver can help, but it diminishes his life immensely to do this and she feels as though she has done this before. Can anyone help? Book is about a boy whose father was murdered in his childhood by a thief, he waits all his life with a knife to avenge his father's death. The boy later grows up to be teacher in his own village and finds out that his favourite students father was the murderer of his father. At first he plans to seek revenge but after seeing his health condition he leaves him to his fate.

Book about a boy whose family moves into a new house; he rides a bike to school I remember reading that he had to remember to go in a different direction than usual to get to his new house, otherwise he would've been at his old one. I thought it could've been Time For Andrew, but it wasn't; there was no aunt in this book.

YA paperback, read before Book about a guy, bitten by a snake, wakes to find humanity gone. All the people in town think they are crazy too. The mother has a miscarriage and stays locked up in her room, and the brother is a drunk who Runs over his younger brothers cat, clementine.

The older brother then crashes the car and lights it on fire with himself in it. At the end of the book the little brother decided to kill the rest of his family. The book was about a young black man. His parents are killed in a car accident or a train hit them unsure. He is found in a pig pen at some point, is taken in to foster care, and endures racism throughout his time as a foster child. He is locked in a shed for sometime and manages to escape. He sleeps outside a few times and carries a picture of his mother in his bag. It may have taken place in or near Mississippi because it had a jazz influence.

Looking for the name of a romance book where the heroine is daughter of a demon lord and she kills him at end of first book for her love and is taken to hell to rule to save her unborn child. This book starts out with a woman, her husband, and twins moving into a new neighborhood I believe around the late s earlys. They also learn that they all like to read.

This begins a lifelong friendship and monthly book club. They are there for each other over the years as they face the challenges of raising their children, keeping their marriages together, supporting friends through divorce and ultimately through cancer. I believe the cover had a picture of a woman floating in a pool in an inertude with a big floppy hat and a drink. I'm looking for a book by the name of yellow shoes. It's about a person that work in one of London airport. It was large and thin. The one I had was hardcover with a removable paper cover. It was a collection of short scary stories that had unique artwork.

It was painting and ink that used mostly blacks, grey, blues and red and white, maybe some skin tones. There was a lot of splatters for either blood or stars. She starts to fall fo her boy best friend and she invites him to a gala or a dance and she has a terrible time while he has a good one? After that they sit on her roof top and talk and he leaves her up there hanging. I think they even dated for a while then broke up and stayed as friends. She wrote him letters I think? The cover had a light blue background with a bright yellow candy heart broken with the title.

I really liked the book! A group of girls i think 4 plan to murder a boy that they hate for personal reasons. They plan the murder with great precision so that they murder is not traced back to them and no one except the 4 of them knew about this plan. But before they can commit the murder themselves, the boy is killed in the exact same method that they planned, by someone else.

I'm looking for a children's book 4th, 5th grade where the main character is a boy who lives in a room in a hotel that his father manages. The curse went along the lines of "when this lump of peat burns away, the child will die and go to clay". There were other stories as well like the one about an australian aboriginal medicine man warning a construction crew against building a road through a cursed thicket of trees, of course tragedy strikes and the road is built around the trees in the end, also one about a tree in africa that was known to the locals to strangle anyone who wandered to close at night.

Another with a mummified cat being taken from a tomb only for its spirit to escape its binds through a hole in its throat shocking the collector that brought it along. Another with a boy somewhere in england disappearing seemingly into thin air atop a hill when he was going to milk the cows or something, but his parents and the locals could hear his disembodied voice crying out for help over the following weeks until finally it fades away entirely.

There were also 2 stories about ufo's that i can remember involving one plane being slammed into the ground by what seemed like an invisible hand, and another where some airmen keeping watch over a plane graveyard when the ufo appears and one of them decides to hop into a still functional ww2 plane to chase it only to nearly "ram himself up its tailpipe" when it suddenly stops.

It even had a variation of the girl with the ribbon around her neck that involved an artist who couldn't get enough of painting her portrait. The cover of the book was a mix of red and purple color with illustrations of at least 3 of these stories, ribbon girl, medicine, and mummy cat in a sort of collage. I forgot if it involved the term "ghost stories" or "spine chilling" or anything of the sort, there were at least 10 stories that i can remember but i'm pretty sure there were 13 altogether.

It was a really fun read and my copy was so old it ended up deteriorating almost completely and my mother apparently threw it out. I'm looking for the title of a Teen Romance Nook book. It's about a girl that was abused by her birth mother, but was adopted by a doctor and his wife when she was in the hospital due to abuse. She goes to college and meets a boy. The guy comes back to his dorm room and his roommate also has a sock on his door so he goes up to the roof as well. That's how they meet and then they fall in love. I am looking for a romance book that potrays a couple that have a doughter 14 or 15 years old and i think the husband was a lawyer and the wife a teacher.

The husband lost by his choice a case and the wife was upset for that, so he ecided to leave the wife an child and goes to visit his ex girlfriend, wich is an artist. I read this book at but i can't remember the title or the author. Pleas can anyone help me because this is driving me insane and i have spent more than a month trying to find it. I am looking for a childrens book that was read to me in the 80s.

It contained a bunch of stories, but my favorite was called something like 'the naughty moon'. It was about a moon that would sneak into the sky during the day. I'm looking for a book that has a girl floating upside down on the cover. Looking for a Halloween children's book with a witch in a green mask and maybe a skeleton on the front cover. This is so far fetched, but hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. There is a group of kids in the middle of nowhere and they have to fend for themselves. The main character is a boy and he has two friends: a girl and a boy. I'm pretty sure him and the girl had something going on Anyways, I remember there was a part where they went underground and there was this giant worm or snake or something that was living underground.

That's all I remember. That's it. Searching for a chapter book I used to read as a young girl in elementary school. I would say anywhere between the years of I vaguely remember the cover of the book picturing a young blonde girl in the foreground, holding a book or notebook of some sort. If I recall correctly she had about shoulder length hair with bangs and a headband on.

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On the cover it looks as though she is in the woods and she is begrudgingly looking back at what looks like a wooden clubhouse. In this clubhouse I believe can't remember if this is what was actually on the cover or just my imagination there are two girls looking out the window at her. One I think is African-American and the other is a red head. I think the story revolves around the blonde girl and her connection to the clubhouse. I believe her grandfather built it and she used to have tea parties in there and basically go there as her escape from the rest of the world.

I also vaguely remember something about a key? Thanks in advanced if you have any info pertaining to this long, lost book! A book about a teenage boy who doesn't want to go away for Summer camp so hides out in his basement instead. His long lost sister drug addicted runaway suddenly turns up in his basement, which is where she has been seeking refuge. YA novel, possibly Italian author.

The plot is that a retired Librarian, still owning books, saves the world when the computer networks go down for good. A book for teenagers called Jamie. Jamie met a mixed race girl called Sharon, there was romantic interest, Jamie cut his hand on glass and it never worked as well afterwards.

Jamie got jumped by two lads, one called Al, the two boys set fire to Jamie's hair. Young children's book about a girl who goes to visit someone and there's a tapestry on the wall with a girl. She goes into the tapestry and has an adventure. I'm really sorry but this is literally all I can remember about it! It's not the boy and the lion on the wall but kind of similar. More juvenile though. I think probably from the early s. Part of a series I think, no author that I can remember and unsure of the publishing house.

So very helpful of me! There was some dangerous older characters they would come across that were up to no good, one was a thief and a murderer. So when the kids discover his crime, he chases them through the tunnels, as they try to get away and find help. One girl was weaker, had some sort of health issues, and there was a boy who was her protector. I took this hardcover book out of my school library in , but it seemed like an older book that had been around for awhile.

There were a few small black illustrations mixed in with the text. A 2nd book was about a little witch who was best friends with a mermaid, she lived in a world that was separate from "the real world" of a little human girl. I believe the witch lived in a cave that had a water pool, so the mermaid could pop up to visit. The little girl considered the witch her friend, but there was some sort of separation between them, such as the girl could read about what was happening daily in the witch's life, but could not travel to that world.

There were a few small black illustrations mixed in with the text, the drawings of the witch and mermaid was very simple round faces, dot eyes. This was a hardcover book that I read in , but I'm guessing it was published in the 60's or early 70's. When I was a kid, I had a book of funny poems that I absolutely loved. I have no info on the book but remember that my favorite poem started: "When mom and dad had company, and left me all alone, I spoke to people everywhere, on the telephone.

I spoke to guys in Tennessee and some in Newfoundland, and some who spoke in languages, I didn't understand Does aaaaanyone happen to recognize it and know the details of book name and author?? Google has not helped at all. I think my kiddo would get a kick out of the poems. At the end of the first book he took her back to her home to live a normal life. Letter to 5 wives. I'm looking for a fiction football book about a young gypsy lad who the coach of a local team wants in his side. I remember the boy had no boots and I think his name was Georgie. Her Dad went out on a hunt and ended up being killed by a beast.

She went to avenge her father and successfully did so by slaying the beast. But to her surprise there was beast cub and she decided to care for it for it was now too an orphan. Any idea what this book is called? The premise of the book is related to time travel and the only I can remember is a young boy looking for a cow that wondered off into the woods and came back close to death due to expedient aging only a few mins went by in the boys time.

Looking for a Western romance book where a young couple was robbed, husband killed, pregnant wife raped baby loss, she was rescued from the men by a lone stranger she started to fall for the man when she was kidnapped again and eventually rescued again and the rescure killed the men. I am looking for a natural birthing book; black and white images, not a lot of text which likened birth to a small ship out on the water.

The surprise appearance of new-best-friend Nessa, a girl of many talents, kicks action into her life. And when Demelza discovers that her home is going to be sold, the girls go into over-drive. Delmelza finds an old journal, belonging to her mother containing clues to the location of a long-lost castle guarded by the ghostly knights. Could the legend of the missing treasure be true? Demelza, Nessa and their faithful sidekick goose, Captain Honkers arm themselves with frisbees, water-balloons and a toilet plunger and take off on their bikes to solve the mystery.

Nothing can stop them now! Action, mystery, great characters including a honking sidekick goose! A quite dramatic beginning quickly into mad-cap exploits of boldness and daring. The soul of the story is the newly formed friendship between Delmelza and Nessa, a friendship that grows into an unbreakable bond. The details of their unfolding attachment draw the reader in until it becomes a part of their own story. For the older reader and this is one you must share! Fast-paced and hilarious deeds take the reader on a rocket-ride through the story with well-crafted world-building and energetic illustrations that bring Penfurzy and its' residents to life.

Knights and Bikes really is the very best kind of adventure story. Filled with humour, heart and excitement, do not walk; RUN to the bookshop for this one, now! Knights and Bikes is the first book published by recently- launched publisher Knights Of. A new kind of publisher with one goal, to publish commercial kids books that are more fair, more inclusive, more diverse and more representative of kids' lives today. And they are off to a crackin' start!

Her impressions keep everyone laughing, even her teachers most of the time. She's also rather overweight. But Jelly has learned to cope with the insults and put-downs by pretending she finds it all very funny. You can't hurt her feelings At home Jelly keeps a secret journal filled with her poems that show another side to Jelly; one that is very sensitive and thoughtful; one that expresses her worries and her true feelings.

She isn't as confident as the Jelly the world can see. But things change with the arrival of Lennon, her beautiful Mums' new boyfriend. Lennon is really nice. Her treats her mother well, unlike other boyfriends she's had. And Lennon is the first person to see that Jelly is putting on an act. Jelly shares her poems with Lennon, who thinks they are so good, he sets one to music and encourages Jelly to perform it at the school talent show But does Jelly have the courage to let everyone see the real her?

At it's core, it is a book about body imagery and the influence that has on the confidence of a growing girl. It is also about friendship, family, bullying and acceptance from yourself as well as others. There are many interesting vignettes of family life that reveal a poignant back story without adding too much depressing detail.

Jelly is such a warm, wonderful character, full of life and kindness, but also full of confusion and deeper feelings. She is just an ordinary girl. The are moments when you can see her friends trying to get Jelly to open up and show more of her true self; a self they don't really know. The parallels between Jellys' sense of self and her mothers' bring another thought-provoking layer to the tale. Perhaps none of us are as confident as we appear. Perhaps we all need someone or something to allow us to reveal our hidden talents. The story is honest, expressive, filled with joy and laughs while delivering a powerful message.

Inspiring, reassuring and completely lovable. Chicken House 5 September Merry Owen is the longbow girl; part of an ancient family tradition that binds the Owens in service to the Crown to this very day. Each generation must have a champion archer, ready to defend the King and country or forfeit the rights to their land. She has been training all her life. But their farm is now under threat from financial ruin and Merry will not see it succumb, falling back into the hands of the de Courcy's of the neighbouring Black Castle.

The de Courcy's are old enemies. While out riding her beloved Welsh pony, Merry stumbles across a fallen oak tree. Hidden beneath it's roots lies an ancient manuscript, one of the lost stories of the Mabinogion. The book holds a chilling prophecy; one that sees Merry traveling between two times to use her skills as an archer to save the family in both the past and the present. But Merry discovers she is not alone in her travels and the dangers she faces are more than she could imagine in her wildest dreams.

This is a simply wonderful book! It builds the tension deliberately throughout the story, but you are gripped by page one. At first, we have a tale of family dynamics and friendship set against a back-drop of old animosity. It shows eloquently how past builds itself into the present; how old wounds still bleed. Merry's character was formed by these things, set so deep that, while she knows the history, she learns its' effects on the present as her character grows through the story. Told from the point of view of Merry and her life-long friend, James de Courcy, we see the parallels as they 'come of age' in the present day; family challenges, finding their own paths.

And their friendship is given to the reader in a voice that is genuine, truly believable. As we dip into the past, the reader learns much about history, geography, but also about character and loyalty and how facts become legends. The story is both time-honoured and timely. If you want a story that is fast and furious, than this probably isn't for you. But if you want a story that will fire you're imagination and understanding, pull you in and stay with you, read Longbow Girl. Bold, daring, riveting; fascinating fare! There she can draw, garden and cook while Grace makes worry angels for all her students; angels created with kindness and care for them to take with them when they leave.

This tender story addresses a number of complex issues that young people deal with every day. Family separation, relocating, the refugee crisis; but mostly it deals with anxiety and stress. With incredible story-telling skill, Brahmachari handles all of this seamlessly, gently while taking the reader on a journey towards peace and understanding. The reader watches her grow and become better in herself as she helps others find a way forward. A marvelous book to share with any child going through anxiety about family situations, starting a new school or world situations, this is particularly poignant.

Her father ran off with a dental hygienist. But she has a plan. Her father will see her in the paper and come home. First, she has to contend with her rivals. Louisiana Elefante has a show-business background and is airy, flighty and faints a lot. Beverly Tapinski is hard-edged, bossy and is determined to sabotage the competition. But loneliness and unanswered questions draw the three girls into an extraordinary team, the Three Rancheros!

Each one has an important quest of their own, but if they band together, they will be unstoppable. Then one night, when everything seems darkest, Raymie Nightingale finds a strength she didn't know she had and becomes a real hero! Based a bit on the real life of author Kate DiCamillo, this is an incredible story of loss and friendship, dreams and reality. Raymie Nightingale is thoughtful and adventurous. With strong characters and just the right amount of detail, DiCamillo paints a picture that will bloom and grow in your imagination. It will make you laugh, warm your heart and never let you down!

Kate DiCamillo is one of the most imaginative and authentic authors for young people today. All of her books are very different from each other. Each one is magnificent and she is truly an author that has a little something for each and every reader. She simply cannot write a bad book. His father has disappeared in India. His sister, Emma is acting strange and secretive, having fallen in love with a man the Holmes' know nothing about.

The family seems to be falling apart and Mycroft, now the head of the family, can do nothing about it. A mysterious midnight break-in and ransacking at the Holmes estate sets off a chain of events that plummets Sherlock into the heart of another deadly conundrum. Emmas' fiance Night Break is a triumph! Faithful to the tone and demeanor of the original Conan Doyle series as always , in this book we truly begin to see Sherlock emerging as the Sherlock Holmes we all know so well.

A young, immature Sherlock is further broken and rebuilds. The psychological examination of cause and effect on his personality is as gripping as the story itself. His keen eye for detail and subtle, logical grasp of events are further developed and honed in a perfectly paced drama. As seemingly unrelated facets slide together seamlessly, they build an engrossing tale filled with tension and danger. And yet, it remains an easy, flowing and sophisticated read with a complex and elusive central character the reader will want to stick with through to the end.

There is more to come for Sherlock, and personally, I can't wait. Young Sherlock: Night Break offers much, and it does not disappoint.

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Author: Esther Ehrlich. Every spare moment she has, Chirp can be found exploring the salt marsh and watching for the elusive red-throated. Nest explores the fragile bond of friendship between Chirp and Joey; two completely different characters, as well as the bonds between family members, juxtaposing these against the fragile, eloquent bonds that exist in the natural world. The descriptive quality of the text is tactile and rich, without over-burdening the story with unnecessary detail As Chirp explores the salt marsh and forests around her home, she also explores her internal world, growing, grieving, coming to terms and learning joy and fearlessness.

Apart from this, it is a wonderful adventure story, with echoes of such authors as Alice Hoffman and Katherine Rundell.. Nest points out, in a subtle way, that children are not oblivious to the drama in the world, and that it, in fact, affects them deeply. It is both thought-provoking and joyous, as Chirp and Joey wend their way through some of the most difficult of life's navigations at a delicate age. Dream-like, captivating, textural and simply beautiful, this is superbly written with wonderful, unforgettable characters…a story about healing, adventure and friendship that really touches the heart.

Nest will stay with you always. Alfie and his fisherman father find a lost girl on an uninhabited island in the Scillies. She is injured, alone and has no memory of who she is or where she came from. There is only one thing they know about her for sure…she loves music and moonlight. As she listens to the gramophone, something of the girl she once was begins to appear. But with WWI raging, suspicions are all around. Some of the Islanders even believe she could be a German spy! A chance encounter with a kind German soldier lights the flame of memory within her, and it is then that her story comes pouring out.

This is Morpurgo at his very best, doing what he does best. A story of love, family forgiveness and memory, with memorable characters exquisitely drawn, Listen to the Moon is positively gorgeous. Filled with emotional impact, intricately crafted, the tale is woven in around a quiet island life during WW1, with the added interest of the sinking of the Lusitania. There is a quiet, sensitive study of human nature, where black and white, good and bad aren't quite so defined in the hearts and minds of people.

There is always a reason for peoples' actions, and those are complex and varied; often confusing. The description of the life of this small island community is rich and full of texture; the setting written so that it is easily visualised. The Great Hagges have just the answer: Mountwood School for Ghost s, where a magical staff instruct the students back to the highest levels of haunting. These spirits have issues! They spend more time hiding and shivering in fright than in terrifying the human world.

Even Vera the Banshee is having trouble finding her voice. As for the Stinking Druid, well, he just stinks. Then, two human children arrive in search of help. Daniel and Charlotte are desperate to save their community from destruction by an evil, money-hungry developer and his cronies. Can a troop of oddball paranormals rise to the task and save Markham Street…or will they only make things much, much worse? Written by Tony Ibbotson, the eldest son of renowned childrens' author, Eva Ibbotson, Mountwood School for Ghosts bears all the hallmarks of his mothers' work.

It is funny and poignant at the same time. Dealing with issues such as loss, rejection, bullying and the urgency of friendship and community, this book is never heavy or overwhelming in its' presentation.

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Filled with memorable characters there's even one character clearly based on Eva Ibbotson , it is an absolute delight! Intriguing, exciting, and completely enchanting, Mountwood School for Ghosts will keep you spellbound! Mr Grunt is bestowed with a secret mission. There are people who are trying to stop him. So, the POGI must be transported in secret. There are many mysteries and questions. Why is the POGI wearing a barrel? Who is this Mrs Bayliss? Will Fingers the elephant sink the boat? Ardagh is an absolute master of humour, word-play and just plain daftness.

The Grunts are so memorable; so enjoyable; so… um… revolting The Grunts All At Sea is funny, being at once subtle and bold in its humour. It keeps you hanging on from the first page to the last. Children of the Fae: Book One. Our Street Books; ; Tara has strange experiences whenever she enters water; her feet and hands begin to web and she finds she has no trouble breathing.

Her younger sister, Niamh is a changeling, a fairy child exchanged for a human baby 10 years earlier. That same night, their father disappeared.

  1. More recommended children’s books - Sea Stories;
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  3. The Social Issues Shelf.
  4. Are You The Pirate Captain?.
  6. Someday Is Not a Plan: A Guide to Understanding Money in Plain English.
  7. Now, on Halloween night, Tara, NIamh and friends Lucy and Jared make their way to the ancient burial mound near their house, completely unaware that it is actually a portal to the other realm; the fairy world. In a flash of blue light, they find themselves transported. It seems it is time for Niamh to return to her own world and her real sister to return home. But things are not as simple as this.

    Evil Queen Marvaanagh will stop at nothing to retain control over the changeling and the kingdom. This is a marvellous tale, filled with adventure, danger and magic. While she uses a firmly rooted understanding of time-honoured folk tales, Moloney has brought the changeling myth forward into the modern world that reads true to life.

    The textures of both worlds blend together to give a haunting picture in a story that will stick with you.

    Book reviews: A super sniffer dog, the elusive Snark and monkey music with Macmillan

    The characters are realistic and their plight puts any reader in the middle of the story. Well-written and completely enjoyable, this is one in which to immerse yourself. Abby is thrilled to be on the adventure of a lifetime with best friend, Perdita. So off to the Ecuador they go, accompanied by the whole family, including Squashy Grandma and her pet wig, Chester.

    Their mission? To reunite Another delight from the pen of Debbie Thomas, this book is hysterical. The fantastic, unlikely characters are well drawn and carry on consistently from the first book. While they are completely off-the-wall The descriptions carry a lot of hilarious impact, and the pacing and rhythm of the story, as it bounces from home to school to the jungle, is fast, but never rushed. The reader is swept along on a mad-cap mission with danger at every turn, laughing all the way.

    The simple black and white illustrations throughout complement the plot and give the reader a moment of rest and focus, before spinning off again. As with its predecessor, Jungle Tangle is utterly delightful, laugh-out-loud funny and leaves the reader wanting more. Still, nothing can stop her from trying… and having the best time ever. She has been Wendy all her life, after all. But fame finally comes her way when she dresses up for a class project on the Plague and saves her teacher, Miss Pinch, from Kevin, the escaped school rat. Her heroic deed makes the front page, where everyone can see her!

    It is genuine, fast-paced and truly funny. All of the characters are well-drawn and memorable. The situations they find themselves in are easy to relate to and filled with humour and heart. They are dynamically rendered and add real punch and excitement to the story, pulling the reader through and giving even more to laugh about. Highly recommended, I just loved this book.

    It is full of warmth and candour and is an absolute delight in all ways. To be published: May 2, The world has drastically changed. Animals no longer exist, due to a deadly virus called Red Eye; and any animals that have survived will be killed to control its' possible spread to the human population. In the meantime, twelve-year-old Kester James is locked away in Spectrum Hall, a 'school' for challenged children, and told there is something dangerously wrong with him. The truth is that Kester is unique. He has a great gift. He can talk to animals, and understand them when they speak to him.

    When he is approachedgether, the venture out into the world. The animals saved Kester. Now, it's only fair that he save them. This is a quiet, evocative story that is loaded with cliff-hangers and fast-paced action. The descriptive quality of the text is thoughtful and exquisite In fact, it is wonderful. The character of Kester is beautifully drawn and thoroughly believable. You find yourself willing him along the way throughout this quest. Engaging, heartfelt and totally amazing, this is one not to miss.

    The Last Wild is a book for everyone. The Great Galloon is the biggest , grandest, finest airship in existence; manned by Captain Meredith Anstruther and his faithful, even if a bit dopey, crew. But all is not well. On the eve of Cap't. Anstruthers' wedding to the beautiful Lady Isabella, his evil brother appears on board and kidnaps her! While giving chase, the Captain and crew have to fight off BeheMoths, angry sea eagles and prevent the Great Galloon from plummeting out of the skies This is a hilarious, sassy and brilliant adventure story made for read-aloud story times with "goodnight" breaks built in I had such great fun with this book, and you will, too!

    Everything about it is fun and well thought out. A perfect journey that ticks all the boxes! Orion Childrens Books. Mia's wonderful grandad has vanished and no one, not even her grandmother, knows what happened or why. So Mia and her mother head off to Porthaven, a sleepy little seaside village, to support her grandma and help her run the pub until Grandads' return. Mia makes friends with local girl, Dee, but only by reading and writing messages in Dee's secret diary! This is her only consolation, as her Spring half-term has been completely wrecked by landing in Porthaven. But Porthaven hides a deep, stormy mystery Will time and tide wash away every trace of all three?

    Told in Mias' voice, the story rings strong and true, and weaves a time-spell magic from the very start. The descriptions of both character and place are believable and textural. You become lost in this small village. You become entangled with its' people and with the sea. Liz Kessler, author of he Emily Windsnap series, is clearly no stranger to the sea and her secrets; and this beautifully told stand-alone novel is one not to miss.

    We return to Fairyland with September as she has been longing to do , but all is not well there. Magic is being rationed and all the shadows are routinely disappearing. When September left fairyland, her shadow remained behind her and has become the queen of Fairyland-Below. In her own somewhat selfish and somewhat heartless way, September's shadow is responsible for all that is wrong in Fairyland. September must journey into Fairyland-Below, for it seems it is only she who can restore the magic and save the shadows and all her dear friends and, of course, retrieve her shadow.

    It is absolutely marvellous! It continues September's journey flawlessly as it delves into the confusion and disorder of Fairyland-Below, and as such reveals something about the shadow side of people. September is nearing 13 in this story, and many changes are afoot for her in the near future. We see a bit more about her parents and their story begins to reveal itself. The characters are strongly consistent with the first book as the journey deepens into fairyland It is brilliant, entertaining, deeply moving and thought-provoking.

    A totally absorbing tale; one of the best "fairytales" written in contemporary times, The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland After solving the ancient secret of the King, Jack Hunter's life has been brilliant. Finding a centuries-old key and unlocking mysteries dating back to the time of King Richard, as well as being integral in unveiling dangerous criminal activities and rescuing long-lost treasure have earned Jack and his friends a French holiday. But nothing is ever easy. Jack finds himself in the middle of a robbery, and nothing is what it seems.

    Russian gangsters, stolen jewels, a famous movie star What is going on? And how do they even know about Jack? With his family in danger, Jack can't even be sure who the good guys are. This second installment of the Jack Hunter series is even more thrilling than the first. The characters are now familiar, and not only do they solve this mystery as well, but they go through arguments and turmoils typical of every twelve and thirteen year old.

    Strong family and friendship ties, cryptic clues and drama all combine to make an exceptional read; a contemporary 'Enid Blyton' or Hardy Boys' type adventure, I highly recommend this series for anyone who is a fan of adventure, excitement and intrigue. See review below of the first book: Jack Hunter: Secret of the King. Georges with a silent 's' has a lot to be worried about. He gets plenty of attention from the boys at school His father has lost his job and now his mum is working at the hospital all the time. And they've had to sell their wonderful house and move into an apartment block with some really unusual neighbors.

    Like Safer, for example As Safer enlists Georges help to solve the case of the mysterious Mr. X, the distinction between games, lies and reality starts to crumble. This brings Georges face to face with some home-truths he really didn't want to deal with. Rebecca Stead is a wonderful writer!

    The story builds and twists with nuances and pulls the reader aptly through the plot. As the story develops, realisations hit in stages; minute moments of clarity; without overburdening the plot. With a certain ease and economy, the inner thoughts and feelings of a young boy caught up in a changing social dynamic are revealed.

    The effective use of language and detailing, unusual characters and intriguing relationships are hallmark in Stead's writing.

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    It takes what appears to be a simple, obvious story of family and friendships and spins it into something truly special. Orion Childrens; 12 October When 11 year old Jon Whitcroft is packed off to attend his dead fathers' old boarding school, he doesn't expect to enjoy it. He expects that his mother will finally miss her only son and bring him back home, in spite of his bearded dentist of a step-father.

    But he certainly never expects to be greeted on his 6th night there by a band of vengeful ghosts, intent on seeing him meet his death. Even with the help of his new friend Ella, her very odd grandmother and the spirit of a long-dead knight, Longspee , Jon has extreme doubts regarding his survival and his ability to finish a task only the last descendant Hartgill can complete Cornelia Funke is my favourite children's author.

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