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Your first draft is nothing more than a stepping-stone to your last draft. If you use the Snowflake Method correctly, then your first draft will have good story structure, because you designed in a sound structure from the get-go. You may need three or ten or a hundred more drafts to get your story the way you want it. Other things will change. Your goal was to get the first draft down on paper, and you achieved your goal. First , read through the whole thing and make notes on any problems you see.

It may very well be massively different from your first draft. Or you might be one of those great geniuses whose first draft is golden stuff, ready to print. If so, tell nobody, because there are hundreds of thousands of writers out there who hate you. Remember, story structure is essential. If your story structure is still broken, fix it and then write another draft to get it right. Then you can go on to the next step in revision, which is to make sure all your scenes are working.

Investing by the seat of their pants

Sounds like a lot of work? It is. I would be dishonest if I said that writing fiction is easy. Writing fiction is hard, and at some point you have to do the work of designing your story structure. Snowflakers and outliners do this work up front, before writing the first draft. Seat-of-the-pants writers and edit-as-you-go writers do this work on the back end, after writing the first draft. But everybody has to do the same work. The reader just cares that you did the hard work.

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Is all that work worth it? If you believe that reading a powerfully emotive story has value, then writing a powerfully emotive story must also have value. And that requires writing a story with a powerfully emotive design. But the way that works best for you is not necessarily the same as the way that works best for your friend. Seat-of-the-pants writing works for some. So does edit-as-you-go. So does outlining. And of course, Snowflaking works for some.

One of the things that makes me happiest in life is knowing that this simple process I created has helped many tens of thousands of writers around the world write their novels. Of course the Snowflake Method is not for everybody. There are only so many hours in the day. Thank you for this, Randy. And I now see that I need to investigate your snowflake method in more depth. As a novice novelist, I found your Snowflake Method to be extremely helpful.

By The Seat Of Your Pants

Please take your own advice and write another novel. Your fans like me have been waiting a long time for a new one.

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This is good advice. Rearrange as necessary.

You must have a deep understanding of who your audience is and who your best customers are. The fact is buyer behavior has changed.

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Your customers are no longer calling your office to get information about your company or products, instead they are self-educating. Buyer personas help you determine the behavior and journey your customer goes through before they buy from you. By documenting buyer personas and mapping their journey you can more strategically place better content in front of them to help them along and to suggest they buy from you as oppose to a competitor. It is important to document who your best customers are and continue updating that information periodically to continue a successful content marketing program.

Why should a prospect buy from you? This question needs to be answered first and foremost before you run off and start creating content.

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Your organization must create a clear and articulated value proposition. A value proposition is not a mission statement or a tagline. A value proposition stems from your best customer. The mission of your content should serve that customer and deliver value to them. If you do not have a value proposition, your content will not be valuable to your customer and therefore your content marketing strategy will likely fail.

If you are struggling to create a compelling value proposition, download our workbook or even drop us a line, we want you to be successful. You cannot move to the next step without having a rock-solid value proposition. This is such a crucial step in achieving a successful content marketing strategy. No single email or blog post or social media alert is going to drive a prospect from completely not knowing you to buying your product or service.

What Does Fly by the Seat of Your Pants Mean?

It will take a lot of content pushed out through many channels over a six to 12 month period before you will truly get to know people and have then start to trust you and what you are sharing. May you have attended a trade show or event and created a customized landing page for visitors, being able to share this data and against the sales team lead analysis helps align sales and marketing for better and more realistic results.

Having a documented strategy is paramount to Content Marketing success. The statistics of this article can be found in the Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends- North America report conducted by Content Marketing Institute and based on 1, respondents who recognize themselves as B2B marketers in North America. A good content strategy does not fly by the seat of its pants by Susanna Tarrant Apr 4, Uncategorized.