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The pressure must be precise and sustained for a minimum of 30 to 90 seconds on each muscle spasm I encounter. The suggestions contained in this post are good ones. I have practiced a lot of them myself. I would like to add a non drug help that has proved to be a great relief for me for the past 15 years. I watch what I put at the end of my fork.

What you need to know about migraines

If the ingredient list is over four or five items, and with words I have no idea what they are — I skip it. After practicing these simple steps, I have found that I do NOT awaken with a very large migraine about 3 a. I have lived with migraines, as many as 2 or 3 a week for over 40 yrs. I could have been a great actress because working with a migraine and smiling and being cordial, pleasant and doing nutritional counseling like everything was ok was very draining.

I have had a few minor headaches, but not a migraine. Like you already pointed out, using eye exercises could help harm the headache, also it will help to improve the eyesight. You mentioned hiking as a tool to help to get rid of your headache… As I too suffer from headache often I found that hiking near a cost, where the air is more moist and salty makes a real difference opposed to hiking in dry, higher altitudes i. I am even considering moving to a place that could provided that more often after we spent 1 month in Maui and I never felt so good..

Thanks for this informative post. I wonder if daily stretching would also help you with your pain. Maybe you already do it…I find when I drink to much milk I get bad headaches but everyone is different. I find strenuous exercise and a good diet make my headaches go away. Eye exercises could also benefit some headache sufferers. Let me start with a brief history. I am a 58 year old man and i have had migraine headaches since i was a boy.

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They start with a trigger, mine is usually light or smells like strong perfumes. I get the blurred vision heat waves and in about a half hour the on set of the migraine. About five years ago i hurt my neck at work the doctor said he thought i had a wip-lash and nerve damage and it would heal in time and it has for the most part. Here is the good part. Like the triggers were being blocked. No triggers no migraine.

I told my neurologist about it and he has kept me on it now for five years and no migraine. For me, taking 4 deep inhalations of a chinese dried mushroom helps. I got this from my AP. I then wait 10 minutes and take 2 excedrin for migraines and lay down in a darkened room for awhile. Sometimes I must repeat the chinese mushroom smoke but it is easier than taking all the medications that neurologists give out. This month has been especially bad and she feels like her life is over as she knows it. Thanks for your comment, boyfriend.

It can be hard for those who love headache sufferers. Just try to be patient and stay positive. We do have to curtail our lives a lot during the worst periods of them. I feel for both of you.

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I am sure your support means a lot to her. One of the best things that I have found to help with chronic migraines is Medical Marijuana. For me, the indica variety seems to work best, however, as far as different strains go, to each is own. Had they not, I never would have come in contact with the fine folks at [URL removed by moderator] and I still would be suffering with relentless migraines.

The first is the Biopulser, a pulsing massager invented by a former NASA engineer who became an expert in muscle neurology. He discovered that headaches usually originate in the occipital muscles. His theory is that the tense occipital muscles irritate the occipital nerve, which passes through them. The irritated occipital nerve ends in the center of the skull at the sphenoid sinus, which is connected to the other sinuses, and spreads the headache through the head. But then the question must be asked — why are the occipital muscles becoming tense?

When the head is forward of the spine, the upper traps and neck muscles must all strain to keep the head upright. This tension frequently concentrates in the occipital muscles. The technique that I have found that is able to correct the spine and bring it upright is called Advanced Biostructural Correction, and it is immediately effective. I too have experienced these same conditions for about 25 years, since I was a boy.

Through years of pain and misdiagnosed symptoms, I finally had a break through had got some answers. I was led to an orthopedics center which seemed to be the right place. It was! The doctor I dealt with listened and asked questions and took the time it needed in order to figure out what was going on with me. I discovered through thorough x rays that I had scoliosis. Injury related scoliosis in the t6 and t7 areas of my spine.

I remembered through a series of questions that I had fallen outbid tree and landed on my back when I was about 8. Remembering back now seems like yesterday, because the pain in my head, eyes, neck and shoulders has been so intense since then that it feels like it has never ended. Now with treatment and the proper diet I have found that I can deal with this pain on a daily basis and go on. Over the counter wise, Excederin has beene saving grace.

In the end, finding the right doctor was the key. Had I been taken seriously from the age of when I injured myself, perhaps I could have enjoyed more of my life instead of being held down with the worry of waking up knowing that the pain was just around the corner. Thanks Robyn. I feel for her, really. This creates a strong case for keeping a migraine diary and documenting the details of and surrounding your headaches. According to Dr. Ailani, the symptoms of migraine and sinus headache are similar because of the region of the brain that is activated during an attack:.

You can have a runny nose, watery eyes, your eyes can turn red. These symptoms, called autonomic symptoms, come on because of the area in the brain, the hypothalamus, that gets turned on during migraine. As you can see, many of them are identical or nearly identical. If you are diagnosed with sinus headaches but you actually have migraines, it could delay your migraine treatment for years. Migraines can vary from person to person and even from attack to attack.

There are a wide range of migraine symptoms , but the most common include:. Sinusitis and sinus headaches share many of the migraine symptoms, except for photophobia, nausea, vomiting, and phonophobia. These symptoms are almost always exclusive to migraines in these cases. Symptoms of a sinus headache and sinusitis include:. To further compound the confusion between these two conditions, even treatment options are similar. Many people are very surprised to discover that sinus medications and treatments relieve their migraine pain. Ailani explains:. Overuse of these medications can lead to more headaches, so if you find yourself using these medications more than days a week, seek medical attention for an appropriate diagnosis.

A diagnosis of either a migraine or a sinus headache is the first step in finding treatment that works. Sinusitis is a little easier to diagnose, but if a headache accompanies what appears to be sinus symptoms, the matter becomes much more complex and difficult.

Most people begin the journey by going to their primary care doctor when they have headaches — and there is nothing wrong with that. They may be able to help. However, sometimes it is necessary to see a doctor who specializes in headaches related issues. Ailani recommends seeing a specialist if your headaches are frequent or resistant to treatment. A migraine diagnosis requires some detective work and other conditions must be ruled out before it can be officially made.

They will look for potentially inherited conditions as well as patterns in your health. If you have been keeping a headache diary, they will review your headache history, looking for patterns in triggers, frequency, and characteristics of the headaches. The migraine is diagnosed once other conditions are ruled out and your symptoms support it. If you have symptoms of sinusitis, you may be referred to an ENT in order to rule out sinus issues as a cause of your headaches or to identify any underlying problems. If your doctor determines that you have a sinus issue, then they will address it and treat it appropriately.

There is no known cure for migraines and many migraineurs struggle to find a treatment that works. There is a lot of research currently underway as doctors and scientists continually seek effective relief options. Migraine medications tend to be expensive though, so some people turn to natural migraine remedies. Other treatments include migraine release surgery , Botox injections, migraine glasses or migraine contact lenses , and electrical and magnetic stimulators.

These are medications you take at the start of the attack to improve pain and associated symptoms. Medications range from over the counter options, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen for milder attacks, to prescription medications for more moderate to severe attacks, or fast onset attacks. They are designed to specifically reduce certain chemicals in the brain that are out of control during a migraine attack. They come in pill form, nasal forms, and injections, to help match your symptom need.

For example, if you feel nauseated during a migraine, swallowing a pill can be hard, so using a nasal form may be preferred. If you wake with a severe migraine or are vomiting, an injectable form may be preferred.

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  6. This is the use of medication daily to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, allowing you to use less acute medication and improve daily functioning. There are a variety of preventive treatments, so it is best to see a provider to find out what option is best for you. The treatment goals are:. These are very similar to migraine treatment goals: reduce the pain of the attack, facilitate the treatment of comorbidities or symptoms that compound the discomfort, identify any triggers and eliminate them, and in the case of chronic migraine, reduce the number of attacks.

    Sinusitis treatments include a combination of symptom relief and addressing the cause.

    They may include:. Your search for a migraine diagnosis and relief from your headaches usually begins with your primary care provider. He or she may send you to several specialists before you get answers, or you may go directly to a headache specialist or neurologist. In other words, you may find that you are repeating yourself to each new doctor. Sometimes it takes a little digging and searching to get answers, but it is worth it.

    She also recommends noting specific characteristics of your headache or migraine by considering these questions:. Ailani stresses that this is the best way to approach your search for a diagnosis from the very start. There are a number of very good resources available for people suffering from allergies, sinusitis, and sinus headaches:. Migraineurs can use the search feature on the Axon Optics blog to find information on specific migraine types, migraine treatments, tips for coping with migraine related issues like light sensitivity, and much more.

    Additional info came from over 15 references including Dr. Thank you for this article! There is very little information on migraines located in the face. I have had them for 38 years and even had the upper wisdom tooth on the left side pulled at age 21, as the dentist insisted it had to be causing my pain. For years I chased down sinus causes for the pain. It resolved the pain. It was migraine pain all along! I have several other types of migraines, but this one is particularly annoying.

    Iam confused is it a sinus migraine? Please help. Thank you. We recommend consulting your medical provider. If a diagnosis cannot be determined you may be referred to a specialist. That stuff can get stuck up there and become very painful. I do sinus washes semi daily to keep them away. Its kinda a pain in the butt to do and got a little costly. I use a machine kinda like a waterpic which is great. Fortunately I found a good supplier for the saline rinse solution because that was getting expensive.

    I have been having sinus problems for four years but now have been diagnosed with sinus migraines. They are treatise me with Amitripyline 10mg. This medication is unbearable l am worse off with this Med than I was before. I have seen 6 specialists including Cleveland Clinic. Is there any help for me. Thank you for sharing.

    When Should I See a Doctor About Migraines?

    If you think our lenses will help, all of our non prescription frames have a 30 day return policy. I have yet to take it. What was your experience with this drug? Has anything else made it better since this post? I am also at a loss and am weary of trying this drug. Your email address will not be published. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Email Notifications. Posted on February 28, April 23, by Stephanie A. They are: Frontal sinuses: above the eyes just over the eyebrows Maxillary sinuses: on each side of the nose, in the cheekbone Ethmoid sinuses: between the eyes, under the bridge of the nose Sphenoid sinuses: behind the eyes and ethmoid sinuses Inflammation of the sinuses can occur due to bacterial, viral, or fungal causes and can present in one of the sinus pair, or several.